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Since 2010 Cozzari family has always entrusted design and renovation work to the professionalism of AMlab, interior design Studio specializing in the retail, and pharmacy.

Cozzari Jewelry interior design by AMlab

Cozzari is a family’s story, made of passion and entrepreneurship that counts five realities in the province of Perugia and that over the years has been able to innovate itself by focusing on the needs of the consumer, remaining faithful to values that have always distinguished this  business reality.

The jewelry has inaugurated its fifth store in Città di Castello and more precisely inside Palazzo Facchinetti, an historic building that still transmits the elegant atmosphere of the Umbrian Renaissance.

With deep respect for the context, AMlab has been able to innovate and refresh the architectural style of the spaces, preserving the most distinctive features such as the height of the majestic vaults, the architectural inlets and the distribution of the rooms.

Cozzari Jewelry interior design by AMlab

In a constant dialogue between historical details and modern design, the jewelry project wants to conquer the eyes and the heart of passers-by to encourage them to enter, interact and live.


This project was born from the desire to attract customers through the large windows on Piazza Matteotti, to show the precious selection of jewelry leaving a glimpse of the bright and refined interiors. Light, the protagonist of space and design, emphasizes precious jewels and details of environment, putting them in relation with each other in a story of balance and refinement.

Cozzari Jewelry interior design by AMlab

Historical vaults, selected colors and lighting fixtures (designed and produced entirely by AMlab) create a welcoming and refined atmosphere in which three different environments for product selection and reference target (Pandora, Giovanni Raspini, Re Carlo) communicate in harmony.

The fulcrum of the project is an octagon, a sign that refers to the cutting of diamonds, which repeating itself in the form of the central display, the bench station and in the floor, becomes the Arianna thread of the jewelry. From this focal center they have created multiple paths of discovery that consumer can undertake and live freely.

A place out of the ordinary monotony, which welcomes guests in an atmosphere of distant times and where minimalism and the pursuit of detail transmit the identity and values of the brand … values that have guided the studio in the design of jewelry, transforming the point of sale in a place to live fully where to be inspired by authentic emotions.

Project AMlab
Photos courtesy  Paola Allasia – Castellano Studio for AMlab

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