ITALAMP Made in Italy high-end lighting.

ITALAMP Made in Italy high-end lighting.

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Since 1975 Italamp has built its brand awareness and reputation in the decorative lighting market, standing out for products’ quality and particular shapes.

The Company always aims to elegance and preciousness thanks to selected and finely crafted materials.

Italamp is equipped with an efficient technical department able to offer excellent advice on the design of customized products, combining the modern industrial philosophy with project and budget requirements of the client.

COLLIER – Designer Marc Sadler

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It’s a real jewel lamp the one designed by Marc Sadler for Italamp.

It’s a precious project born by the meeting between the daring look and the attention to detail of the designer, and the competence of a Company that has made the research of glass the heart of its production.

Collier is an innovative, suspension modular lighting system consisting of metal cables where bright elements in inlaid glass are threaded like pearls in a necklace.

Each of these elements is a small artwork with different shapes and dimensions and a different glass making. It is also available in various colours to give life to many different arrangements.

Topaz, diamond, aquamarine, ruby, amethyst, agate, emerald, sapphire: these are the tonalities that can be used to create the compositions which give no limit to your fantasy- from the elegance of the monochrome to a vivid rainbow- to draw space in a new way, also thanks to the possibility of creating structures with one or more metal cables with different weaving.

A real jewel that dresses every environment with personality and with no fear to dare, Collier is part of the Modern catalogue, Incanto Collection.

NUCE – Designer Danilo De Rossi

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Nuce is a hymn to difference and to the idea that details are the secret of beauty.

Pendant lamp consisting of a metal support with a gunmetal finish and a blown glass diffuser, Nuce plays the card of personality and proposes four diffusers identical in the soft and extended lines that remind, for instance, the ones of a Walnut (Noce in Italian), but different to each other in the drawings that carve the glass.

Four motives for four elements that singly represent a sober and refined choice, but, when combined, give a strong touch in style.

Nuce’s unicity is emphasized also by the possibility of choosing among four different colours -transparent, smoky grey, dove and olive green- and of creating arrangements with diffusers located at different height and with different directions.

Nuce is part of the Modern catalogue, Incanto Collection. From the same family, the wall lamp and two different floor lamps are available.

VALENTINA – Designer THDP + Simone Bretti

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It’s a plain femininity that does not stop herself when flattered by passion, the same passion expressed by Valentina, Italamp’s pendant lamp with a timeless charm.

The balance between rigour and softness that distinguishes this lamp is perfectly expressed by the rounded shapes, by the metal structure and by the diffuser, whose extremely clean design, evokes a clear and modernist shape, softened, in turn, by the golden finish and by the intense red of the glass which gives warmth as well as an amazing atmosphere to the environment.

Valentina is a discreet presence that is not afraid to be the centre of the attention and is enhanced by contexts of classic and essential elegance.

Available in different colours, Valentina is part of the Modern catalogue, Incanto selection. Of the same family, wall and floor lamps are available, too.

PREZIOSO – Designer Stefano Traverso e Roberta Vitadello

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It’s a rhythm with a rigorous elegance the one designed by the elements which compose Prezioso, a pendant lamp with a magnetic personality that catches the attention thanks to its harmony that distinguishes the design.

Like notes in a lively score, the cloth diffusers with their essential lines overlap, giving life to a symphony of different materials and consistencies.

We can find the plain brown of the fabric, the delicacy of the inlays that draw the crystals and the reflections of the facets of the light Swarovski Elements pendants which create always different light and colour play.

There is then the refined touch of light gold and of the chrome of the trimmings that make this lamp a very precious object.

Available in different dimensions and colours. Prezioso is part of the Classic catalogue, Opera Collection.

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