LE HIDEOUT Beauty Salon  Montreal.

LE HIDEOUT Beauty Salon Montreal.

📅21 Marzo 2019, 11:47

The Hideout is a beauty salon recently designed by Ménard Dworkind Architecture and Design (MRDK).

It is built in the rapidly evolving  Griffintown neighbourhood of Montreal. The salon is inserted into a small commercial space at the base of a new condo building. The goal of the Hideout was to design a warm communal environment on a tight budget that had strong experiential impact.

A significant element in the existing unit was a large concrete column that occupied the centre of the space. The layout revolved around this column as a central organizing element for the reception, manicure, makeup and pedicure stations. The limited budget forced MRDK to get creative and invest in strategic places.

salon designed by Ménard Dworkind Architecture and Design

The central column was dressed with a CNC cut floral form that grows up and onto the ceiling. This central structure was designed to contain nail polish displays, make up stations and storage. The pedicure station consists of IKEA sinks and Structube chairs taken off their legs and installed on a tiled plinth.

salon designed by Ménard Dworkind Architecture and Design

At the reception, the steel counter folds over the front of the cabinetry recalling a painted nail. Warmth was given to the space by covering the walls around the main-space in Douglas Fir paneling. This warmth contrasts with the raw concrete floor, which still has construction notes and markings.

The design was modelled using Google Sketchup software, then its individual components were laid out in AutoCAD before sent to the computer numerically controlled (CNC) cutting machine. The method helped the studio to ensure that no material was wasted.

Designer/Architect Ménard Dworkind Architecture&Design (MRDK)
Location Montreal QC, Canada
Area 60 sqm
Photos courtesy David Dworkind

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