Multibrand Store for Travel Retail.

Multibrand Store for Travel Retail.

📅28 Marzo 2019, 14:25

Department Store Feeling at Moscow Airport.

Moscow hosts a multibrand store in the heart of Sheremetyevo International Airport. Designed and implemented by intelligent brand architects plajer & franz studio, the luxury goods zone features an exceptional concept and is a novelty in the travel retail market .

plajer & franz studio Multibrand Store for Travel Retail

Owned and run by Gebr. Heinemann who is the only family run business among the global players of the travel retail industry, the design evokes a department store feeling, with inviting three wall boutiques that are artfully arranged around a central area.

Despite offering fashion & accessories and watches & jewellery, the store is more than just a shopping place. Beyond the main walk-throughs, it is an exclusive, generously designed area, where travellers can stroll around and get inspired by the curated product world. High ceilings, wide aisles, use of suspended ceiling panels and permeable furnishings guarantee an excellent visibility throughout , and easy navigation. With a state of the art design concept by plajer & franz studio, the high class design concept is an ideal plat form for the brands and gives the s tore a touch of modern luxury.

plajer & franz studio Multibrand Store for Travel Retail

The design concept pursues two main goals: Firstly blending the generic and personalized stores by creating a consistent and open  high- class design framework. Secondly, telling a unique story through a locally inspired design language. With reference to Moscow’s history and Russian lifestyle, the design derives from the famous Fabergé egg, a symbol of luxury and goldsmithing. Its diamond-shaped, faceted surface serves as a continuous design motif throughout the travel retail store.

From the overall concept down to the very detail, the diamond shape can be found in partition walls, on façades, in the ceiling structure, in the design of the furnishing and the POS elements. Materials like whitened oak and brass that are mixed with terrazzo and marble emphasize an ambience of “new luxury” .

Spanning 830 sqm, the travel department store comprises personalized brand stores around a generous open space with four stalls for flexible brand presentations. Each area i s crowned with a diamond shaped ceiling canopy that can be perceived easily from afar. The bespoke display furniture is based on a flexible design, giving the arrangement a modern lightness. Delicate see-through elements made of light rhombic wooden structures enclose each area.

plajer & franz studio Multibrand Store for Travel Retail

Cases and POS materials are set up on diamond shaped tables with filigree brass frames and terrazzo, marble or wooden tabletops. Independent storage units are placed down below or arranged around the tables.

The store hosts brands like Cartier, Coach, Furla, McM, Ferragamo, Tumi, Bulgari, Montblanc, Etro and Pinko to name a few. As the concept is very well received by brands and traveling customers, Gebr. Heinemann and plajer & franz studio are currently working on further store concepts for an international roll out .

store design & concept design: plajer & franz studio gbr
shop fitter: Dula International
photos: © Imperial Duty Free

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