The Puente Colgante (Suspension Bridge) Pharmacy by Marketing-Jazz.

The Puente Colgante (Suspension Bridge) Pharmacy by Marketing-Jazz.

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The aim of this retail project was to position the Puente Colgante Pharmacy as the leading pharmacy in Valladolid.

To create the brand concept Marketing-Jazz has taken inspiration from the Suspension Bridge, one of the best-known symbols of the city, which gives its name to the pharmacy: 

Puente Colgante Pharmacy Design by Marketing-Jazz

A pharmacy that integrates pharmacological medicine with natural medicine. Bridging the gap between the two riverbanks of health.  The logo design, based on a graphic depiction of the suspension bridge with two crosses, one on each side, helps us to convey clearly the image of the positioning of the new brand.

One of the project’s “Wow” features is undoubtedly its storefront. More than 35 linear metres of storefront to display elegance and modernity. The idea was to make the most of the flow of people and car traffic to focus on the pharmacy and its interior.

Made from white Corian®, with back-lit rays of light and black metallic platens that converge at the entrance door and enable it to operate by day and by night.  This storefront makes it possible for one to anticipate the shopping experience long before entering the store, and to achieve this we took advantage of the gaps to highlight some of the pharmacy’s key categories:  The Laboratory and the Natural Room.

Puente Colgante Pharmacy Design by Marketing-Jazz

Store Planning

The Store Planning design is intended to create a shopping route and experience centred on each of the specialities based on a shop floor in the shape of an inverted “U”. Natural medicine, new items, special offers, perfumes, personal care and cosmetics for the skin are placed on the first section of the letter U. The second section, which serves to link the pharmacy’s two zones, is for the sale of prescription medicine, OTC medicines and the development of the most popular cosmetic categories, together with hair care products.

The last section of the pharmacy is devoted to eye products, products for children, oral hygiene, orthopaedics and mobility. For these categories which “take a certain time” to purchase and are aimed at a very specific target customer, namely children and senior citizens.  

Puente Colgante Pharmacy Design by Marketing-Jazz


The lighting is very important to make the customers feel at ease, and see clearly what is on offer. The furniture incorporates warm LED lighting on different planes. In addition, lighting has been used to accentuate this with LED projectors suspended from rails that run around the whole perimeter of the pharmacy ceiling. The storefront lighting was a technical challenge whose aim is to prevent vandalism. Each of the Corian® tops is milled on its inner side and fitted with internal LED lighting, which combine to create a spectacular image.


The materials used play a key role in the points of contact with the customer for the desired shopping experience; Imitation marble ceramic floor.  Furniture made from oak, lacquered MDF, mirrors, glass and metal, these are the materials selected to convey the attributes of a warm, professional, elegant pharmacy that is contemporary yet natural and of quality.

The project’s other “Wow” factor is without a doubt its Visual Merchandising for the queen category of the pharmacy, medicines. The creation of a bridge in iron together with the automation in the delivery of the medicines makes this staging a memorable shopping experience; one that is consistent with the image and concept of the brand Farmacia Puente Colgante.

Visual Merchandising

The presentation of the product for the other categories is more conservative: furniture inspired by a library for the categories of natural products and cosmetics. A more industrial feel for the mobility and orthopaedics section, where clarity of image is prioritised over overloading the display.

Marketing Jazz has developed a graphic line based on artistic illustrations. A feature worth noting is the graphic line of the ​​natural medicine section. The illustrations are inspired by the main vital organs of the human body such as the lungs, heart, and brain. and by how they relate to nature.

Farmacia de Puente Colgante, your bridge to integral health

Sales surface space: 130.75 sqm
Location: Valladolid, Spain.

Strategy and retail creativity, design and general management: Carlos Aires: Sketches and artistic illustrations: Elena de AndrésTechnical design: Xiang Sun, Norberto Pérez, Mercedes Robles. 3d Design: Alejandro Andreu. Project architect:  Mar Bermejo. Visual Merchandising: Pharmacy Team and Carlos Aires.  Customised furniture: Muesco. Façade: Muesco. Lighting: Aurora Lighting.
Photos: Luis Sanchez de Pedro Aires

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