Good Shoes, Good Foot. by REGAL, Tokyo

Good Shoes, Good Foot. by REGAL, Tokyo

📅08 Marzo 2019, 10:59

The boutique sells footwear and accessories for working women, designed to offer a new shoe-buying experience.

Japanese designer Ryusuke Nanki designed the Good Shoes, Good Foot store in Tokyo

Rather than envision “working women” as wearing only black suits and pumps, the shop and brand as a whole aim to provide many different styles of shoes to women working at a wide range of jobs.

The pink color itself has been interpreted as the contemporary antithesis to more stereotypical images of workplace fashion. To create a strong impression of the brand color in the shop, it has been paired with a complementary pale teak.

All the shelves utilize pink and teak as basic colors, but to build rhythm in the space, the usage of color on the shelf boards and other areas is reversed on the wall and pillar shelves. This brand is also unique in its careful attention to fitting customers for shoes; for instance, it has its own employee qualification system.

Japanese designer Ryusuke Nanki designed the Good Shoes, Good Foot store in Tokyo

Four pool-shaped areas on the floor have been intended to represent different workplace scenes, unified by the color pink but each employing a different material: wood flooring, office tile, a hard surface similar to asphalt, and carpet.

Women who come to this boutique envision their own workplace environment and walking habits, and together with highly trained store staff take their time in finding the shoes that best fit their walking style and feet.

Client Regal Corporation
Design Ryusuke Nanki /Dentsu
Location Japan, Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku
Area 75,48 sqm
Photos courtesy Yasutaka Kojima
Creative team:
Spacial design/Construction Tomohiro Maeda,Takuya Kikui
Art director Kimiko Sekido , Masahiro Eguchi
Produce Mami Kawana, Takahiko Yoshida
Creative director Ryu Tamogami
Copywriter Marina Danjyo
Agency The GOAL + Dentsu + SPACE

Ryusuke Nanki

Ryusuke Nanki is a Japanese designer, born in 1984 in Tokyo. Graduated from Keio University and studied under Shigeru Ban. As a designer, worked for various companies. At the same time, worked for exhibition space planning and designing. Recently worked as the head of production and design for the first European showing of the “L’art de Rosanjin” exhibition at the Guimet Museum in Paris.

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