A journey without boundaries with Infinity Gems by Tecnografica.

A journey without boundaries with Infinity Gems by Tecnografica.

📅02 Maggio 2019, 14:07

Tecnografica presents Infinity Gems, the new capsule collection of decorative panels inspired by the colors of the Universe. A journey of new worlds discovery.

Infinity Gems is the new exclusive capsule collection of 100% made in Italy decorative panels by Tecnografica, inspired by the colors of the Universe.

decorative panels Infinity Gems by Tecnografica

Getting lost in a journey without boundaries: this is the feeling you experience when you are in front of Infinity Gems. Carefully selected, the stars featuring this series are natural stones that immediately catch the eye of the observer, thanks to the unbridled explosion of shapes and colors, similar to the patterns designed by far away galaxies.

This creates an incredible bond, able to link the wonders of the Earth to exciting interstellar landscapes. The subjects included in the Infinity Gems collection are not just decorative panels: they are portals, each one open on a different and unknown point of this or another universe, space-time warps set in the natural work of art of rare crystals and minerals.

decorative panels Infinity Gems by Tecnografica

The subjects of the collection –Alpha Centauri, Andromeda, Supernova, Hyperion and Milky Way– represent at very high resolution the exciting legs of a journey in the design. The elegance and the profound artistic and decorative impact characterize this new collection, whose panels have the power to give new personality to every environment.

The decorative panels have now gone beyond the mere concept of product, claiming the role of a real furnishing system suitable for walls covering, creating internal dividing solutions or simply hiding the imperfections of surfaces. With Infinity Gems, Tecnografica wanted, once again, to amaze the world of interior design, breathing life into a collection that takes mind and heart traveling the Universe.

Infinity Gems is proposed on large format panels, up to a maximum of 150×300 cm, with very reduced thickness. The dimensions of the decorative panels can be totally customized according to the needs of each single project.


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