EFEEME Arquitectos signes the project for PICCA, a homemade pasta retail store

Gastronomia Picca EFEEME Arquitectos

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Picca is a traditional pasta Factory located, since its inception in 1954, in a busy Street in downtown Villa Maria, Córdoba.

For PICCA, the pasta retail store, EFEEME Arquitectos created a shop full of the traditional atmosphere and well combining with the minimal design.

PICCA pasta retail store EFEEME Arquitectos

Today, this family business, handled by its third generation, intended to build a new brand identity with the idea of, ultimately, widening its customer base and build a strong relationship with the local HoReCa referents.

Under the premise of creating a space that embodies closeness and quality, they draw inspiration from an everyday household item, the broomstick, in order to create the strong identity so distinctive of the design. To commemorate the year of the foundation of Picca, 1954 broomsticks were used in the ceiling patter design, distributed in a 10x10cm metallic grid drawing a double dome from it lengths.

On the walls the broomstick are used to make the most of their possibilities, changing wefts and colors in different planes and functions: shelf support, displays or simply cladding.

To exalt the wood, the ceiling and walls have been painted in black, creating a neutral canvas for the intervention while giving, at the same time, a sensation of spatial depth. For the functional distribution, a single piece of pine wood central furniture piece, longitudinally arranged was built to fuse counter, box and fresh products exhibition.

For outdoor intervention, the main objective was to capture the attention of the potential customer who should feel the presence of the storefront in an area of high pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

PICCA pasta retail store EFEEME Arquitectos

To do this, the filar aesthetics of the interior in the façade line were extended, creating with the same graphic pattern a visual game between the interior and exterior texture the adjoining façade was made with 3x3cm structural spout performing a double function: cladding and posters.

Picca combines a traditional atmosphere with contemporary minimalist aesthetic resulting in a warm monochromatic environment that aims to create a unique and memorable shopping experience that conveys to customers the quality of the product.

PICCA pasta retail store EFEEME Arquitectos

Picca Gastronomía

Design EFEEME Arquitectos
Architects Flavio Diaz, Marina Alves Carneiro
Area 29 sqm
Photos courtesy Gonzalo Viramonte

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