Shanghai Tang Fashion Boutique.

Shanghai Tang Fashion Boutique.

📅10 Giugno 2019, 11:18

Stefano Tordiglione Design designed the Shanghai Tang boutique located in Hong Kong’s opulent Pacific Place.

Shanghai Tang is a unique modern luxury brand fusing current design concepts with innovative Chinese-inspired elements. Led by the brand’s experts, the maison blends the old and new in the creation of fashion that is stylish and modern yet steeped in tradition and history.

Stefano Tordiglione Design Shanghai Tang boutique

The boutique has been  completed within six months by the Executive Design and Project Management of ST Design  under the creative direction of Carlotta Turini.

As the brand is well known for its use of mixed colours, the designer introduced a plethora of paints and fabrics that radiate “warmth” within the various sections of the new boutique.

Taking the lead in fine tuning the selection of materials, fabrics and colours, the design team broke new ground in creating a multi-sensory shopping experience to mirror the richness and beauty of Chinese culture.

Among the various notable features are the changing rooms and home section, with the use of famed Jim Thomson wallpapers, giving the design an Asiatic flavour, with alternative wall coverings and rackings all being fine-tuned to create comfort within the complex.

Stefano Tordiglione Design Shanghai Tang boutique

The Womenswear area has appealing curved walls and basks in soothing beige fabric with bright paint, while the Menswear area is elegant, warm and cozy, designed with dark brown wood and clean lines.

These areas are united through a relaxed central seating area featuring Art Deco furniture. To promote fluid movement through the space, the walls have niches features to provide attractions to the eye throughout the corridor as customers move between retail sections.

Efficient project management was vital to the success and on-time project completion. The ST team had also to interpret the original design drawings, developing a unique concept that is now demonstrated throughout the store.

Stefano Tordiglione Design Shanghai Tang boutique

When this all came together, a new concept and a key store for Shanghai Tang was created, with elaborate thought and fine tuning combining to produce a new image for the future.

Creative Designer: Carlotta Turini
Executive Designer & Proect Manager: Stefano Tordiglione Design Ltd
Contractor: Vivo Contracting Limited
Location: Pacific Place, Hong Kong
Area: 154sqm

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