FutureBrand UXUS designed a space for Amostyle.

FutureBrand UXUS designed a space for Amostyle.

📅16 Luglio 2019, 10:55

FutureBrand UXUS was commissioned to design a space for Amostyle, a newly rebranded label by established lingerie brand Triumph launched in LaLaport shopping center, Yokohama.

By implementing an innovative zoning strategy, FutureBrand UXUS has created a consistent  narrative, guiding the customer through the space to various focal points where they can trial, create and buy.

FutureBrand UXUS was commissioned to design a space for Amostyle

Visible through the main window is a framed ‘stylist’s stage’ displaying the latest collections in creative combinations. Once inside the boutique, the customer can wander between the allocated ‘dwell’ and ‘impulsive’ areas.

Designed to encourage clients to spend longer periods  of time relaxing and experiencing the space, a ‘dwell’ area priorities comfort and interaction, whilst an ‘impulsive’ area uses more localised display units to prompt spontaneous purchases.

The most important task was to convey the Amostyle’s messaging through the store design, FutureBrand UXUS has used a mixture of industrial and natural materials, including terrazzo, concrete and plywood, to give the store a contemporary feel with a feminine touch. The colour palette employs different shades of pink, from dusty to fluorescent, and soft pastel hues to instill a playful, youthful vibe. Decorating the space with houseplants, round cushions and pendant lighting, FutureBrand UXUS has aimed to replicate the atmosphere of a New York loft.

FutureBrand UXUS was commissioned to design a space for Amostyle

Drawing on its extensive experience designing immersive retail environments, FutureBrand UXUS has implemented a selection of features within the store that maximise customer engagement. The studio has developed the concept of an aspirational ‘living’ look book, an interactive display unit that functions as a three-dimensional mood board. Complete with an iPad showcasing the latest collection and lifestyle elements including styling tips and opportunities for cross-merchandising, this display system provides a curated capsule of inspiration for the customer.

For the final steps in the design process the studio has considered how it could incorporate luxury touches that can be sustained beyond its involvement, for example, suggesting how staff interaction can complement the client’s overall shopping experience. The dressing rooms feature a heart-shaped light for customers to call for assistance whilst a customer is changing. Small details like these are what sets FutureBrand UXUS apart in experiential retail design.

FutureBrand UXUS designs for a connected 21st century world that thirsts for the new. A world in which retail and hospitality are not just as places to shop, eat and sleep, but part of a new cultural landscape. Today the psychology of shareable moments drives everything: from design and architecture to service and customer journey. This emotive customer take-away is just as important as the purchase. That’s why the design of UXUS blends retail, hospitality and branding with a psychological and emotive approach to design.
Large collaboration with the world’s biggest brands across diverse industries to reimagine their vision into emotive experiences that redefine categories. FutureBrand UXUS reimagines consumer experiences through five core services: Retail Design, Hospitality Design, Architecture, Graphic Design, Digital Storytelling As part of FutureBrand and IPG, the services scale to any size or region around the globe.

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