In LALIQUE lamps 130 years of artistic creation.

In LALIQUE lamps 130 years of artistic creation.

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Sumptuous chandeliers, wall sconces like relief paintings, table lamps that look like sculptures and luminous mascots that recall the luxurious cars of the 1920s…

All of LALIQUE’s lighting-related creations speak of its mastery in creating ever new suggestions with the crystal, thanks to the extraordinary skills of the master glassmakers of Wingen Sur Moder and the immense artistic heritage left by René Lalique and his son Marc, source of inspiration for the many designers and artists who have taken up the spirit.

Between tradition and modernity, creativity and know-how, LALIQUE continues to reinvent itself every day, while respecting its creative heritage and its identity.

In all the lamps and chandeliers those crystal qualities are perfectly captured, such as the perfect contrast between satin and glossy, the play of light, the purest reflections and transparencies, which have always characterized the unique style of LALIQUE.

PERLES Chandelier – Design Pierre-Yves Rochon, 2019

lalique's lighting

To design the Perles chandeliers, Pierre-Yves Rochon was inspired by eponymous luminaires created by René Lalique in the 1930s and by the graphic and symbolic power of the candle. In all cultures and religions, the candle is meaningful, synonymous with knowledge and the pursuit for truth.

Carved with stripes and cabochons with the satin finish emblematic of Lalique, the crowns of light are adorned with 30 slender crystal candles, arranged in a rhythmic rigor.

The metal elevates the pureness and majesty of the crystal, while 60 pearls dance around the perimeter of each chandelier, following it gently and becoming the true protagonists of this triumph of brightness.

Highlighted by LED technology, these chandeliers with neoclassical accents resonate with a Grand Siècle flair and bring a touch of French elegance to interior design.

Champs-Elysées Chandelier – Design Marc Lalique

lalique's lighting

From the sconce to the monumental chandelier, Lalique was inspired by the Champs-Élysées bowl designed in 1951 by Marc Lalique to create this lighting collection. The finely veined leaves are reminiscent of the sumptuous alleys of plane-trees that run alongside the “most beautiful Avenue of the World”.

Through these pieces, it is almost as if the soul of Paris was captured, frozen in crystal. Through a mysterious alchemy, the light shining through the purity of the crystal creates ever changing reflections, making every piece unique.

Ginkgo lighting collection – Design by Lalique and Delisle

lalique's lighting

Ginkgo, a lighting collection that combines the know-how of the master of crystal with that of the of bronze artist. The collection is inspired by the timeless beauty of Ginkgo Biloba, an Eastern sacred tree, symbol of longevity, hope and prosperity.

It consists of chandeliers, ceiling lamps and wall sconces, all featuring pure clean geometric forms in an Art Deco spirit. The brilliance of satin finished crystal meets the precision of the engraved bronze lines.

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