FABIENNE CHAPOT concept stores by S-P-A-C-E Studio Projects.

FABIENNE CHAPOT concept stores by S-P-A-C-E Studio Projects.

📅18 Settembre 2019, 17:33

Fabienne Chapot a womenswear company, established in Amsterdam in 2006, just opened brick-and-mortar locations in the Dutch capital and Antwerp last year, unveiled its latest stores entrusting local Studio S-p-a-c-e Projects to create a new and unique store concept: a concept that fits the brands manifest. The Studio uses the colour and curved forms to express the brand’s femininity.

The store concept is created to invite Fabienne Chapot’s audience to dare, to imagine, and be boldly feminine, as Fabienne Chapot likes it.

S-p-a-c-e Projects  Fabienne Chapot store concept

A magical space, build around the most archetypical feminine shape, the Curve. Three curve diameters, form the core of the concept. Not only the create this one-of-a-kind glass facade, but together these curves build one immersive, fluid space divider which functions as cabinets. Cabinets which can create isolated sections for collection stories.
One feminine, flexible, furniture design system. A concept which can stand on itself, regardless to its surrounding. Not only these shapes create this bold and daring design, but the super high gloss, birds eye maple, gives a uniqueness through its natural pattern.

This natural background pattern compliments the colorful patterns of the collection. Next to the birds eye maple, the champagne white coloured walls form a solid base with classy details of travertine and brass.
Whereas the floor and mid units are in a warm and bold mono-colour rose gold/orange. This concept is here to stay and first landed in Haarlem and Maastricht; even Paris will be treated with this concept at Galeries Lafayette.

S-p-a-c-e Projects  Fabienne Chapot store concept

Studio S-P-A-C-E projects

S-P-A-C-E Projects is an Amsterdam based studio, established in 2018 by Pepijn Smit. “We create three dimensional experiences that manifest themselves in interiors or architectural forms. These forms evoke a certain feeling of belonging or sense of identity. By creating spaces, we tell stories.”

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Photos courtesy Kasia Gatkowska

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