Jewelers by A4 DESIGN & CONTRACT a perfect union between design and project.

Jewelers by A4 DESIGN & CONTRACT a perfect union between design and project.

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Each jewelry store is an exclusive casket enclosing design and quality, high technology and craftsmanship. Whole projected by the Company, from design to custom made furnishing system, from plants to internal installations: the keyword is the “solution at turnkey”.

A4 Design & Contract builds valuable furnishing systems

A privileged partner to realize your project

The ultimate goals of architecture are the turnkey solutions, a business plan enable to enhance the quality in the processing phases, for customized solutions improving management and functionality of each environment, and benefit of a sole partner, from project until the store opening.

A4 Design & Contract builds valuable furnishing systems

The sum of those qualities is represented by A4 Design & Contract Srl, a dynamic architectural Company, settled by the entrepreneurial idea of three architects -Alessandra Pedone, Carlo Tomeo and Davide Crocetto- which implemented projects in various fields including the jewelry sector. As affirmed by Mrs Alessandra Pedone: “We have different specific competencies, in order to professionally face the problems connected to the project, from starting phases to bespoke furnishing systems, entirely produced by our Company, from internal plants until final works. Nothing is entrusted external companies”.

A team of designers, carpenters, decorators, electricians together three architects closely work to achieve important project.

“A customer relying on our competencies desires a finished product with inherent professional contribution. Adolf Loos, an undisputed Austrian architect of the last century, wrote that “the architect is a mason who has familiarity with Latin”. And we totally recognize ourselves in this definition, as we build –explains Mr Carlo Tomeofollowing Italian and foreign traditions. And this is the expression of made in Italy: that is the ability to produce high quality products, with a unique style, only owned by our culture and view of the world”.

A4 Design & Contract builds valuable furnishing systems, with different finishes and materials, to highlight and emphasize precious objects. The projects start from the customer’s needs and the characteristics of the premises, to give shape to a dream. The artisans plan unique works designed to meet all the elements of the boutique.

The furnishing system, made on measure, reaches every customer need according to design and realization phases. The result is balance of structures and effects enable to celebrate the prestigious collections!

A4 Design & Contract builds valuable furnishing systems

“Designing is the most effective and enchanting challenge for an architect… it is an opportunity to accentuate and give the right role of the different elements of the space, but also to understand the feeling and the purpose of the beneficiary…it is possible to be part of the work of our clients and try to enhance it”, the team comments at one voice.

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