SALVIPLAST the secret is in details.

SALVIPLAST the secret is in details.

📅31 Ottobre 2019, 11:22

SALVIPLAST Company whose name descends to Salvi Family, who founded it 40 years ago and in addition to the name of the material, that since it successfully works: the plastic.

SALVIPLAST operates in the field of injection moulding thermoplastic materials, acrylic processing with hot cutting and bending, marking on all materials with Yag Laser Fiber, customization of all products with digital four-color printing, pad printing or hot stamping.

Over the years, the Company of Cernusco sul Naviglio, Milan province, specialized in the design and manufacture of technical plastic moulds, and expanded by developing its own line of products for window dressing, with various offers for sales points: from the creation of modular price marks to show the price of products in the shop windows for shoes, jewelry, clothing, etc., to size dividers for stenders, transparent or coloured acrylic displays  for eyewear or mobile systems, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and watches, transparent Plexiglass cubes and small tables for shop furnishing. SALVIPLAST participate at National and International Fairs also.

salviplast products for window dressing

Later, with the help of a specialist in painting, the Company acquired a new building, with high-tech equipment and a pressurized room. The goal is to offer its customers the finished and improved product by using finishing effects: gloss/matte, soft-touch, nextel, and cube shaping, etc

All products can be checked  on the website . The products are all rigorously Made in Italy: an added value to the competitive price/quality ratio and a mix of technology and functionality, allowed the Company to go beyond the national boundaries conquering the international market.

Attention to quality, precision in details, reliability and innovating materials and technologies are the Milanese company’s strengths.

salviplast products for window dressing

In line with the times, and the challenges daily market requests are the customary purposes that SALVIPLAST combines with tradition and innovation, in continuous research and effort, to develop new and exciting projects.

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