FANCY PANTS, Mumbai by Quirk Studio.

FANCY PANTS, Mumbai by Quirk Studio.

📅04 Dicembre 2019, 17:04

Lavish, Modern, and colorful, The ‘Fancy Pants’ Store in Juhu, Mumbai is a new retail space in the heart of the Western Mumbai suburb.

Fancy Pants which started as a summer pop-up, later evolving into an e-commerce platform has now taken an ambitious step and opened a physical store. 

FANCY PANTS store Mumbai

Staying true to the brand’s tagline “Be Fierce Be Fancy”, the brand’s flagship store is a distinctive blend of sassiness as well as modern chic. The design identity of this space is bright, modern and feminine, and with deliberation, the design of this retail space was envisaged so that the brand’s’ inherent identity would fully translate and spill into the space.

A key inspiration for the designers was the Cherry Blossom tree or Sakura as it is known in Japan. An iconic Japanese botanical element and a symbol of ‘Beauty of Life’, the Cherry Blossom tree has an inherent feminine aesthetic, with its pale pink and white flowers and is richly symbolic. It was this beauty that was amalgamated with the interiors of this space, extolling the space with touches of pale pink and white, as a homage to the beautiful blossoms. A cherry blossom tree and a ceiling installation was also incorporated to ensure that the design of the space was indistinguishable.

The overall layout was planned in a manner that all the essentials were accommodated, and that the space was as airy as it could be, whilst ensuring seamless circulation. The store is also fortuitous in its location as there is an abundance of natural light, overlooking, large and lush green trees.

FANCY PANTS store Mumbai

The shell of the store is conceptualized in a neutral, light and muted palette, with the vibrancy coming through the beguiling clothing itself. To enable the same, white brick walls have been selected along with grey concrete finish tiles and cane accents, for the desired minimalistic finishing of the interiors. Complementing this minimalistic and the overarching feminine design identity, Chic Rose gold racks and tables have been added to brighten up the look, while remaining muted in the backdrop. To further add a light-hearted feel to the space, the doors have been painted in shades of sage, which augments the dreamy aesthetic while balancing out the pink hues.

All things pretty with a bit of fun and sassiness that comes across through the hot pink neon sign -this space perfectly encapsulates the modern chic aesthetic with a feminine flair thrown in.

Quirk Studio

Quirk Studio is an avant-garde Interior Design firm based in Mumbai. The studio was founded in 2013 with Interior Designers Disha Bhavsar and Shivani Ajmera joining forces to establish a boutique design studio that aims to depart from conventional ideas of luxury to cater to modern, novel notions of comfort and self-expression. United by a passion for the poetics of space, Disha and Shivani bring to the practice a combined experience of over 10 years; having worked with some of the biggest design practices of the country, Disha and Shivani imbue their contemporary, ingenious vision with cutting-edge industry experience to deliver premium design solutions for residential and commercial spaces alike.

Innovative and experimental, the firm’s portfolio is a curation of projects that best exemplify the notion of bespoke concepts and design – each unique in their expression, yet uniformly vibrant and welcoming. With a focus on tactility of materials and subtle shifts of mood through strategic décor planning, Quirk Studio has fabricated style and sensibility in all of their projects. Featuring the likes of Godrej Interio, Saregama Pvt. Ltd., Casa Vogue, Spenta Corporation and Portico New York, Quirk Studio’s clientele has quickly expanded from private individuals to include reputed corporations and design houses.

Photos courtesy Pulkit Sehgal

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