VeraLab flagship store, Milan.

VeraLab flagship store, Milan.

📅11 Dicembre 2019, 14:09

Estetista Cinica opens its first store with interior design by the Studio 23bassi, mixing beauty and play, magic and wonder, but above all e-commerce and retail.

Cross the threshold and the plunge into the “Pink Side of the World,” immersed in that color, amidst neon lights and mirrors. Ironic, playful, luminous, exactly like the creative mind behind the first VeraLab flagship store, opened in Milan on Via Guido d’Arezzo.

The entire Estetista Cinica world of beauty is now close at hand, thanks to a concept that grants form to a business model that is a perfect combination of online and offline, as well as a brand with 474K followers.

Estetista Cinica flagship store VeraLab Milano

Cristina Fogazzi, alias “L’Estetista Cinica,” is a beauty guru who has spread the concept of feminine beauty for everyone, shifting two decades of experience in the beauty sector into a blog ( and then the Bellavera beauty parlor in Milan, as well as beauty products by VeraLab.

The success of her startup has led the distribution strategies, mainly focusing on the e-commerce platform,  to emerge from the web, first taking concrete form in a special corner inside the Rinascente department stores in Milan, Rome and Palermo, and then naturally combining traditional shopping with online retailing

The Milan debut of a concept store consolidates the integrated real-virtual approach, while for the first time offering a total experience that goes well beyond mere purchases.

To interpret the attitude, character and values of the explosive Estetista Cinica, the Studio 23bassi has been called into play, after their interior design work for the Rinascente corners.

Two neon signs have the job of guiding clients to the Skin Bar, a zone set aside for trying out masks and relaxing, located on a balcony overlooking the store; on the first floor, the Shop Area is utilized for merchandising.

Estetista Cinica flagship store VeraLab Milano

Here there is a playful slide on which to place flacons ready for recycling, because the focus on nature is not only a matter of the quality of the ingredients of the products, but also of environmental sustainability as a whole: clients are urged to return empty containers for correct disposal by Veralab, and they receive a token to use in a mysterious vending machine.

Beauty, fun, but also lots of art: the walls feature works by Banksy and Mr. Brainwash (thanks to the gallery Deodato Arte), as well as pieces by the digital artist DotPigeon, represented by Plan X Art Gallery, as a preview of an upcoming collaboration between the artist and VeraLab.

A fantastic place you can visit not just to buy things, but also to have an experience,” says Chiara Frigerio, summing up the concept behind the new flagship store, which is also a perfect place for snapshots to post on the social networks.

Estetista Cinica flagship store VeraLab Milano

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