BIMANI expansion starts in Valencia.

BIMANI expansion starts in Valencia.

📅30 Gennaio 2020, 16:36

The creative studio CuldeSac™ designs the firm’s first space out of the Spanish capital.

Laura Corsini, founder of the women’s fashion startup BIMANI, has chosen the city center of Valencia to start her expansion strategy. This new space, located at 34 Jorge Juan Street, has been designed by the
CuldeSac™ creative team.

CuldeSac designs Bimani Store in Valencia

A 120 sqm store that breathes the lifestyle of the firm and that has as leit motiv the famous textile used in their clothes. Here, users can find the different looks that Laura Corsini designs and publishes in her RRSS. The space appears as a white canvas on which to capture the sensitivity, versatility and simplicity of BIMANI products.

The distribution is thought of as a succession of clean curves that guide the user along the route and give place to different corners to discover. The path ends in the changing rooms, a place of refuge for the user that evokes an idyllic world combining large curtains made from the brand’s fabric and huge mirrors with the lighting integrated into them.

The whole exhibition system has been designed to meet the needs of the brand. It works as a continuous bar that runs through the space, illuminating it with the integrated LED light and removing different accessories that allow the display of front looks, communication, footwear or folded products.

CuldeSac designs Bimani Store in Valencia

As the façade was very small and the shop window was practically non-existent, it was decided to present the product to the street in an immersive way. In this way, a screen transverse to the façade is built in the nude colour characteristic of the brand in which to present novelties, fabrics, philosophy and invite the client to discover more of the BIMANI brand universe. In addition, it puts within reach the feeling of belonging to the lifestyle that the firm, under the image of Laura Corsini, represents.

In the material level, the aim has been to combine materials that serve as a background to show brand identity as well as elevate it. In this way, the Campaspero limestone appears in its most natural form to serve as a support and enhance the product on display. The walls are dressed in beige marble paint that evokes the texture of quartz and the pedestals and niches that show the product have been generated with bleached oak wood that brings a warm atmosphere to the space.

This is how CuldeSac™ has embodied the change of brand image in BIMANI stores. The startup presents itself to the world with a more solid and mature image through the restyling of its flagship store in the Velázquez Street in Madrid and the opening of its first space in Valencia.

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