YǏN Fine Jewelry Boutique.

YǏN Fine Jewelry Boutique.

📅08 Gennaio 2020, 14:57

The architects of the odd studio (okamoto deguchi design) signed the concept of the YǏN jewelry boutique, located in the Dongcheng district of Beijing.

concept of the YǏN jewelry boutique

Contrasting strikingly from traditional Chinese gold jewelry, YǏN, an independent fine jewelry brand in China, designs their products in a minimal and delicate theory. It faithfully sticks to their design aesthetics that is to create gold tattoo profoundly companying with the owner in both physical and mental.

The trial of this conceptual boutique store is regarded as an aesthetical discovery of minimalist and the design connotation. In order to maximally present and elaborate these jewelries, it was finally decided to be furnished into a wonderland under ‘the sea of clouds’. Every single jewelry from YǏN is a symbolic story.

Drawing more attention on the space quality and brightness, the design works  under the ‘clouds’ to give a chance for those jewelries to narrate their unique stories hiding behind. When wandering through the clouds, to explore the design story behind and to harvest the beauty of golden inspiration.

concept of the YǏN jewelry boutique

The site is not large, measuring about 10.6 meters long and 3.5 meters across, metaphorizing the length into sky, a drapery with soft surface stretching long and unbroken blurred the space boundary. Meanwhile, the ceiling was designed to be undulating to digest the stiff structural elevation difference. Artificial stone from oversea has bespoke and presented the jewelry booth into a continuous floating cloud image, which not only highlights the space but also singularizes the warmness and doughtiness. With a soft and mild line shape, the white booth is able to gently catch customer’s attention and guide them to the products. Golden pedestal is the shadow of clouds.

The Lighting

The lighting utilized in this space has brought brightness to the entire space, not scattered or motionless, but in a way of well-proportioned and dynamic, like Tyndall Effect. The space small area browses a more relaxed buying experience is all the more relaxed, a welcome respite in the busyness of a Beijing shopping day.

YǏN Fine Jewelry Boutique
Architect’s firm odd (okamoto deguchi design)
Lead Architects Tsutomu Deguchi\ Keizo Okamoto\ Feng Zhang\ Xueni Fang
Location Dongcheng District, Beijing, China
Area 38 sqm
Photo courtesy Ruijing Photo


DEGUCHI Tsutomu was born in Saitama-ken Prefecture, Japan in 1981. Studied in Landscape Architecture at the Osaka University of Arts and obtained a master’s degree in architecture from Musashino University of Arts. He won the design award in the SCO OFFICE architectural design competition and the New Wooden House architectural design competition in Japan. Deguchi Tsutomu always pursues the unique characteristics of different cultural spaces with professional and modern design techniques,  became the co-founder of okamoto deguchi design in 2012.

OKAMOTO Keizo was born in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan in 1980. He specializes in architectural design, spatial and landscape design after obtaining the master’s degree in Urban Planning  from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.OKAMOTO Keizo is expert in incorporating advanced design concepts into the spatial pattern of multiculturalism, became the co-founder of okamoto deguchi design in 2012.

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