Zhuyeqing Green Tea Flagship Store Chengdu, China.

project from architects X+LIVING is a flagship green tea store

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Located in Chengdu, China the latest project from architects X+LIVING is a flagship green tea store that transforms traditional retail shopping into a sensory experience.

Brand physical store has experienced the change from traditional store design based on products and services to pursuit of diverse design with visual interaction. Drinking tea requires both a favorable environment and a good mood.

project from architects X+LIVING is a flagship green tea store

The designer presents the motif of ‘cloud and mountain’ in the way of freehand ink painting, and sprinkles a pair of elegant and beautiful Chinese landscape paintings in the enclosed limited space.

Mountain-shaped counters ‘extend’ naturally in the vertical and horizontal space. And designer transforms the ‘mountain’ into ‘cloud’ through the principle of mirror image. The two natural symbols appropriately describe the natural ecological origin place of Zhuyeqing Green Tea. The mountain-shaped counters seems like shrouded in the mist with bended panels which connect them drawing a graceful arc through the air. It not only meets the functional requirement of displaying goods, but also contributes the richness of aesthetic composition in the space and provides consumers with a variety of appreciative perspectives.

project from architects X+LIVING is a flagship green tea store

Experience is based on perception. After fully observation of the consumers’ sensory needs, designer has greatly reduced the fixed shape. Through customized function carriers, the needs of operation and consumer’s experience are both perfectly satisfied. Designers ingeniously create an incomparable sensory experience for the consumers, which brings huge sensual impact.

The functional blocks at different levels and positions are carefully laid out, which open up a path full of exploration and experience. Walking in the space, as if traveling through the clouds, consumers can not only appreciate the leisurely nature of the fairyland, but also enjoy sitting in the calm and peaceful mountain forest with particular interest.

The large-scale use of stainless steel materials have added a touch of poetic flavor to the space while still retain a style of modern fashion. The texture and color of metal are just like ink on the paper, grinding out the ethereal artistic conception that perfectly deduces the theme. This brand-new exploration of stylized consumption mode of tea-drinking experience has broken through the traditional form, providing rich sensory from the perspective of space design and fully mobilizing the five senses of consumers.

project from architects X+LIVING is a flagship green tea store

Project Zhuyeqing GreenTea Flagship Store
Location Chengdu, China
Area 96 sqm
Design company X+LIVING
Chief designer Li Xiang
Project directors Ren Lijiao, Wu Feng
Photos courtesy Shao Feng

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