A visually striking atmosphere for a clothing store in Tehran.

Granito Black Horse Antolini per un negozio di abbigliamento a Teheran

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Antolini’s Black Horse granite graces the interior of a Tehran boutique, demonstrating an unprecedented decorative potential.

A by-word for excellence in the natural stone industry, Antolini offers the most astonishing materials to purveyors of beauty all over the world, ideal for exclusively furnishing not only homes but also hotels, restaurants and flagship or high-end luxury stores. A good example is a clothing store in Tehran whose interiors have been dramatically enhanced by Antolini’s Black Horse natural stone.

Antolini’s Black Horse granite

This material is a sophisticated and elegant form of granite that presents a two-tone interplay in shades of white and black. Its powerful aesthetic impact lies precisely in the contrast between these colours and in the textures that spring from the dynamic structure of this stone.

In this realization Black Horse is used as a cladding with an optical effect, both on the floor and on the walls of the store: the floor in particular showcases the remarkable aesthetic and decorative potential of this material, thanks to both the astonishing open pattern with a Maltese cross motif and the lozenges, created thanks to a skilful laying of the different slabs.

Even the staircase leading to the mezzanine displays some amazing patterns of the granite, in this case highlighting the unique nature of the texture and the marbling.

Antolini’s Black Horse granite

The furniture and accessories of the store match the colours of the stone: the containers, shelves and display units are characterized by simple lines and bring out the rich design of Black Horse, without undermining the importance of the goods on display.

To complete this extremely elegant environment, almost invisible cut-glass balustrades and linear elements, such as the profiles and the bronze handrail, all contribute to define the overall geometry of the space.


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