Architecture without light is not architecture.

Architecture without light is not architecture.

📅06 Marzo 2020, 12:18

Just like an artist, to arouse emotions, tries to highlight his work, every Architect and Designer through light, natural  or artifi­cial, wants to fully increase their creations.

Standard solutions don’t always allow this and that’s why ESSENZIALED, managing every aspect of the  project internally, from the design of the light fitting,  to electronic,  mechanical and  lighting design, it’s able to produce  custom mode lighting systems with flexibility and speed, also on complete customer specifications.

For most products it’s possible to choose finish, color grade, power and color rendering index of the light and the integration with luminous flux management systems.



ESSENZIALED has a thirty years experience in electronics, and is constantly looking for the most advanced LED technology for the various lighting needs as retail, commerciai premises, offices, jewelers  and homes. SUNLIKE led, available for some items, simulate the spectrum of sunlight offering the best visual comfort available on the market.

Architecture exists thanks to light which invol­ves the success of a project and therefore the choice of a strategie partner is fundamental.

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