Hera – seen in the right light!

Hera illuminazione a Led per il retail

As the star began to shine for Hera, electrical engineering was the center of interest. That was in 1934. Hera specialized in lighting 16 years later. From that moment on, lighting technology has become the shining star in the development of the company’s wide array of products. Since the 1930’s, “light years” have passed and valuable experience has been gathered. Today, Hera is one of the leading manufacturers in the LED lighting market worldwide. The product line of Hera includes a variety of innovative products for furniture, stores, show booths and rooms.

Lighting systems from Hera are distinctive, due to practical combination of pure functionality and attractive design.

An innovative drive and orientation towards quality gives Hera a solid basis for the future. Hera is using its innovative driving force in a manner which promotes environmentally safe products. We believe that environmentally clean production processes, avoidance of waste and clean recycling concept are more important than ever. Our company philosophy is based on the principle that “we are only satisfied when our customers are satisfied.


One of Hera’s striking strengths is to think in innovative lighting concepts, such as e.g. the LED-2-Link showcase lighting system. Special presentations of merchandise and display items draw the customer’s attention to the features and subtle details of the individual product. Proper illumination means light becomes a key factor. This is why the LED-2-Link was specially developed to accentuate the features that make an object or product special. As requirements vary immensely, no two presentations are the same.

Hera Lighting systems

Versatility played a major role during development of the LED-2-Link and in order to meet the shifting and challenging demands in shop fitting, the LED-2-Link has been created with a modular design and a high light quality for the most demanding applications.

Sky Window

With Sky Window Hera brings sunshine everywhere and anytime as daylight has a huge impact on the well-being. It is an innovative extension of the already familiar Dynamic White range creating natural daylight thanks to full-spectrum LEDs (Sunlike-LED) and a smart daylight control.
The daylight ambience is realized by the simulated and illuminated 3D sky and the connectible solar radiation. Amazing real daylight effects can be achieved.

Hera Lighting systems

The smart light control enables the 24 hour rhythm and if necessary even analogously to the different time zones worldwide.

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