KRION: Sustainable solutions for shopfitters.

KRION: Sustainable solutions for shopfitters.

📅03 Marzo 2020, 15:14

Following the launch of Krion®– the solid surface with no limits to what is possible–, Krion PORCELANOSA Grupo is going on to develop new sustainable solutions for shopfitters.

Krion PORCELANOSA Grupo–the specialist in materials for making commercial fittings and furniture–has always demonstrated the importance that it places on environmental care in all the decisions it takes.

KRION Sustainable solutions for shopfitters

This commitment to the environment is based on a search for sustainability, without relinquishing the resistance and quality of its materials, as illustrated by Krion®. Ever since it was first developed, this robust solid surface made of mineral material has demonstrated the company’s high standards in sustainability, quality and environmental awareness.  

Krion® is a cutting-edge solid surface that offers professional free rein in the creation of unique end designs, thanks to the ease with which it can be thermoformed. This makes it a highly versatile material with endless possibilities. Because it is hygienic and long-lasting and it can be backlit, it is ideal for creating commercial furniture and fittings, sales accessories and even signs, all with seamless joins. Given its sustainable composition, Krion® can be used to fit out shops in eco-friendly style, using safe, long-lasting sustainable materials.

The company has also developed Krion® K·Life 1100, a material with all the intrinsic properties of Krion®, combined with new extra benefits. These include photocatalytic properties which help to filter the air and eliminate bacteria from its surface, creating safe healthy surfaces, ideal for places subject to high traffic like shops, supermarkets or restaurants.   

KRION Sustainable solutions for shopfitters

But this is not all. Krion PORCELANOSA Grupo’s commitment goes even further. Each year, it strives to introduce new sustainable aspects to all phases of the lifecycle of its materials. It sets its sights on innovation, constantly pushing back the established limits so as to create new solutions that can help to ensure a safer, healthier, more sustainable world.  

Its environmental commitment takes pride of place in all its activities, as demonstrated by each new material that it develops. One of its latest new innovations is Cover Lux™, a material inspired by marble with a strong decorative appeal, able to bring a whole new facelift to settings of all kinds. A perfect choice as indoor wall cladding or for creating commercial furniture, Cover Lux™ is easy to fit, making it ideal for revamping shops both quickly and easily. 


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