LIQUIDOSTUDIO designed the OGIMOMO Cake Bistrot.

Ogimomo la nuova torteria bistrot progettata da Liquidostudio

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Ogimomo, a new cake bistrot, has opened its first shop at the foot of Turin’s hills.

Ogimomo a new cake bistrot designed by Liquidostudio

The venues used to house another cake shop but the new project has completely abandoned the previous atmosphere making way to a fresher, more contemporary environment in line with the vision of the owners.

Ogimomo is a cozy, comfortable place where you can feel at home from morning till evening.

Ogimomo a new cake bistrot designed by Liquidostudio

The essential, geometric lines, the light coming in through the wide windows, the warmth of wood, the bright-coloured details and the selection of lamps and furniture give personality to the renovated spaces, where you can relax, have fun and work.

The green patio is a natural extension of the inner spaces and enriches the atmosphere with plants and flowers.

Ogimomo a new cake bistrot designed by Liquidostudio

The brand identity was entirely designed by our studio: from the logo to its adaptation to all of the communication elements, such as shop sign, windows, menu, packaging, labels and so on. It embodies the Ogimomo spirit and translates it into a visual key: the specially-tailored choice of shapes, elements and colours identify Ogimomo’s image making it unique.

Ogimomo a new cake bistrot designed by Liquidostudio

OGIMOMO TORTERIA BISTROT  Corso Moncalieri 214D, Torino
Project and Visual Identity : LIQUIDOSTUDIO
Lighting: FLOS, VIBIA
Photoshooting: PLASTIKWOMBAT


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