The design of the new Leather SPA store.

When established accessory repair company Leather Spa was invited to open a corner inside the prestigious Saks Fifth Avenue mall, they knew they needed a new design concept to match the mall’s overall renovation.

Sergio Mannino Studio proved to be the perfect match, allowing the small, 126 sq ft space to instantly catch the eyes of any customers.

While matching the modern renovation by OMA was key, it was also important to maintain the original Leather SPA branding. Mannino Studio accomplished this by using the classic brand orange color, as well as implementing a white perforated metal mesh as the main wall finish. Not only did this make for a striking visual, but it also allowed for a practical, flexible method to layout merchandise.

Sergio Mannino Studio designed the new Leather SPA store

Around the perimeter, Mannino Studio established wooden cabinetry on a base created by using a three-dimensional ceramic by industry leaders Mutina. Along with the quality typical of the Italian brand, the crown base of tiles allows for a decorative, yet clean look, that makes full use of the small space.

Retail Store Design, Furniture and Interiors by Sergio Mannino Studio
Design: Sergio Mannino, Martina Guandalini
Store Address: 611 Fifth Avenue 8th Floor New York
Area: 126 sqft / 11 sq mt