COURAGE Showroom  Odessa.

COURAGE Showroom Odessa.

📅11 Maggio 2020, 12:54

Angelina Malysheva designed Courage’s showroom in Odessa.

The design of this space was not an easy task – to create not a mass market, to get away from the usual look of a women’s store. Gray but warm minimalistic interior has become architect choice.

Angelina Malysheva designed Courage’s showroom in Odessa

Concrete floor and ceiling decided to leave the builders. Some walls were left in concrete, and decorative plaster was applied to the rest. Accent colors are gray, pink and dark blue.

The heaviest element of the interior, in the truest sense of the word, was the table. Rough in texture, but laconic in form, it meets and unites those who came to the showroom. The table is made of metal and concrete.

Display cabinets are a bright and attractive accent in the showroom. Their appearance adds romanticism to the interior. Hangers, in the center of the room, divide the showroom into several zones: a display area, a waiting area and a cashier area.

Angelina Malysheva designed Courage’s showroom in Odessa

The lack of natural sources of lighting, forced to use the usual for the mass market, track lighting systems. The pendant lights above the table and the cash zone – Menu TR Bulb, Suspension Frame.

Architect Angelina Malysheva
Area 70 sqm
Photos courtesy Nikola Bulavsky
Post production  Luciano Spinelli

Angelina Malysheva

Architect and interior designer living in odessa, ukraine, and developing private and public projects with complete supervision from concept to realization.

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