Calacatta Bellissimo è una texture della collezione Marmi Maximum

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Calacatta Bellissimo is the new style in the Marmi Maximum collection of surfaces inspired by the finest marble.

Elegant grey veining stands out against a white background with the kind of meticulous attention to detail that encapsulates the design capacity of Fiandre Architectural Surfaces.

The surface brings brightness and elegance to any space and can be used for a wide range of interior design projects, including private residences, public spaces, hotels and retail.

The technical characteristics of Fiandre Architectural Surfaces’ porcelain stoneware ensure impressive product longevity regardless of the application setting.

The stunning texture is suitable for all styles and can be used to create a host of different moods, while the tile thickness of just 6 mm means that the products can be used to create architectural detailing, furniture and other objects. The two finishes available – polished and semi-polished – add a sense of prestige to the surfaces.

Meanwhile, the large sizes are ideal for the needs of clients and installers alike. The 250×100 cm format, which was recently introduced alongside the 100×100 cm subformat, ensures that waste in the form of offcuts is avoided. The smaller size also means that the products can be used for tall buildings such as towers and skyscrapers, with transportation possible using simple lifts and goods hoists.

In addition to increasing design flexibility, this feature underlines the importance given to sustainability by the company and by Iris Ceramica Group in general.

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