VIETTI Concept Store designed by Mihub Studio

MIHUB STUDIO firma il concept store VIETTI ad Arona

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Vietti, important representative in fashion luxury retail market, opened his first concept store, overlooking the Lake Maggiore, designed by the architecture and interior design Mihub Studio.

VIETTI Concept Store Arona designed by Mihub Studio

This futuristic and contemporary store, offers a unique and eclectic important brand selection, that goes from Burberry, Prada, Moncler and arrives to Needles, Arc’teryx, Engineered Garments and Undercover, combining historical realities with contemporary visions.

“Container of Contents”, lights evolution in a dynamic dance that helps to bring light to the hidden dimension of the everyday living, in a game of continuous relation of light and reflections, between the memory of being and the one of becoming something new.

VIETTI Concept Store Arona designed by Mihub Studio

These are some of the elements that have inspired the concept of this “workplace”, able to offer the possibility of organising events, installations and pop-up that aim to develop in the same time the store and its community, in a very contemporary and revolutionary way that joins together a number of hierarchical elements, where the display of the single product and the stock system become part of the display, where the store is a window display and in the same time the window display is the store, where the floor and ceiling become one due to the infinite reflections game, where precious materials such as the stainless steel coexist with poor ones such as corrugated metal sheets, where the time defined from the repetition of and modularity of the space is continuously challenged from the dynamic illumination technology, where the modularity of the display cases matches against the multiplicity and variety of the products displayed.

VIETTI Concept Store Arona designed by Mihub Studio

In this space an important role is given to the lighting system which has been studied in order to create an immersive atmosphere through the colour or mark the time by the dynamic effects of the various configurations.


Mihub Studio is an architecture and interior design Studio based in Milan. Founded in 2013, the studio has been working on different kind of projects that include both commercial and residential sectors. The continuous research, the focus on details, the aim to innovation and the inspiration from emotional, places, materials, objects, images, are some of the elements that make part of the artistic language, in continuous evolution, that aims on creating and transmitting unique and sensorial experiences. The studio’s modus operandi is based on creating a synergy with the final customer, trying to insert their needs into the project process, for creating spaces full of meaning and life.

VIETTI Concept Store, Corso Repubblica 38, Arona – Italy

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