dVine Beauty Store Seoul.

progetto di interior design per il beauty store dVine

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The store is an extension of the company’s eponymous online domain, and specifically targets a millennial demographic.

It occupies a 53 sqm. unit on the first floor B1 of Lotte World Mall in the Songpa-gu Seoul District, and features a sleek interior design by Seoul-based architecture practice Plain Oddity.

dVine Beauty Store Seoul

The store design planned to be separated from the existing interior, but not to feel a sense of heterogeneity with the pre-extant interior in a curved shape. It comprises five different beauty sections, each one dedicated to an influencer, and incorporates two existing yet customised display columns with videos for planned cosmetic campaigns

It’s all set in a specific configuration to avoid a visual overlap of the five influencers’ images, and sits below the flowingly shaped gazebo of the mall’s On and the Beauty cosmetics floor. The outlines of the dVine store, captured by a swirling carpet and a meandering metal display, adding a visual dynamic all its own.

dVine Beauty Store Seoul

The aforementioned beauty squad’s videos are screened on-site, but it’s their collab products with innovative Korean brands such as Dr. Jart+, Luna, Rovectin and Innisfree. The dVine shop is a temporary physical extension of its online domain and will be operational for one year only. Thin and long lines connected as one connect one select shop like a ‘chain’ to create an intense image.

In order to be free from the wrong direction by crossing curves and straight lines, a vibratory steel finish with no sense of direction was used.

As a display method of each brand’s cosmetics, from the front, a transparent surface was created to fully feel the brand, and two color gradient points were given only at the corners to express the color of the cosmetics.

dVine Beauty Store Seoul

Designer Plain Oddity (Jihye Kim)
Logo&branding  b.a.t
Constructure Plain Oddity & tam Company
Area 53 sqm
Photos courtesy Yongjoon Choi

Plain Oddity

Plain Oddity is a small interior studio based in Seoul (Korea). From small objects to large spaces, there are “plain” shapes, shapes, structures, etc. that are tailored to each purpose. Here, “oddity”, such as concept, material, combination method, finish, use, etc. It adds a variety of design approaches that are not external, adding a new atmosphere.


Divine (dVine) is a beauty editing shop where beauty creators with different personalities plan and present their products under the slogan ‘Creating beauty through connection’.

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