Zensai flagship store in Beverly Hills

ZENSAI flagship store in Beverly Hills

Emerging and contemporary streetwear label Zensai, selected Beverly Hills, California as the location for their first brick and mortar space and flagship store.

Situated at the epicenter of Los Angeles’ premier shopping district on Beverly Boulevard (one block east of Rodeo Drive), Zensai sits among the giants of the fashion world. Ralph Lauren, Dior, Chanel, and Tom Ford are among the few within a short walking distance of the store and U.S. company headquarters. 

ZENSAI flagship store in Beverly Hills

It is here where Zensai collaborated with interdisciplinary design groups WAYL.A. Creative & FBH5 Studio to help bring their brand vision and ideal physical space to life.

For a brand that is inspired by the history of street fashion and various design periods, it was important that the collaborators understood Zensai’s approach to creating clothing while designing their flagship space. As Zensai promises to challenge the concept of streetwear today through fashion, WAYL.A. Creative & FBH5 Studio challenge themselves with equal zest and original approach to environmental space design as well. 

‘With being a new label and not having any original marketing or design content to work from, it was critical that we spend quality time with the brand to understand what influences their design. Who are they as a company, what inspires their thought process. How then do we harvest that information and create a completely new concept that both elevates their clothing and gives them a fighting chance amongst the major players on the street. The store had to be equally functional for day to day operations, as much as it needed to stand out and feel original and unique’ – Kenny Lange, Founder/Creative Director, WAYL.A. Creative

ZENSAI flagship store in Beverly Hills

When doing the initial company research, they discovered a wealth of beautiful Japanese textile patterns and historical art inspiration on file. In addition, noticed Zensai’s muted approach to genderless clothing and avant-garde silhouettes. All of which suggested a design approach that needed to be clean and modern. Sexy and intentional. To allow for the product to be the hero and design to be secondary.

‘We took a very traditional space, with a very traditional storefront and made it relevant and on brand. We used muted monochromatic color tones to allow for the vibrant colors and patterns of the clothing to stand out. We also studied the clothing and textiles throughout this process, which became a big source of inspiration for the hanging ceiling installation.’ – Andre Gharakhanian, Co- Founder/Lead Designer, FBH5 Studio

The ceiling installation is 500sf of custom wave paneling, using a military print fabric inspired by Zensai’s opening Spring collection. The fabric softens a space full of hard lines, faux concrete, and metal finishing details. In addition to the hanging ceiling installation, almost everything else in the store is fully custom and unique to Zensai. Custom fixtures, lighting, cashwrap and seating. Including the infinity dressing room; a 360 degree mirrored room both inside and out, allows for increased depth of space, as well as selfie opportunities while trying clothing on. 

ZENSAI flagship store in Beverly Hills

This store was essentially custom designed and hand built through and through. We’re very proud of the outcome and our ability to collab with Korean partners even despite the 14 hour time difference and language barriers. Where there’s a will there’s a way…as they say.’ – Kenny Lange

Design Company: WAYL.A. Creative and FBH5 Studio
Lead Designers: Kenny Lange & Andre Gharakhanian
Location: 417 N. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210