SMLXL-design signs the interiors of Korean Mandu Restaurant.

Lo Studio SMLXL firma gli interni del ristorante coreano Mandu

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Second location of the Korean Mandu Restaurant,  located at the intersection of two avenues, Juan XXIII and Luis Doreste Silva, near Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Marina.

The entrance to the restaurant is through a vestibule finished with porous stone from the Arucas stonework where the Moon Door, as in the eastern gardens, serves as access, in this case to the principal room.

SMLXL-design signs the interiors of Korean  Mandu Restaurant.

The purpose was to create a cozy atmosphere, even in a large space by the creation of different areas, of which “The Nest” stands out, in the center of the premises. Five tables with curved benches connected to each other surrounded by a wooden structure that envelops a unique space.

The backs of the benches close the area of each table, but that intimacy is diluted when meeting the next bench, creating an ambiguous space between tables. The black backrests serve as the background for the wooden frame of the nest, making it stand out even more.

SMLXL-design signs the interiors of Korean  Mandu Restaurant.

In addition to this central room there is a room for groups, continuing with the line of the Mandu Restaurant on the Las Canteras beach, creating an atmosphere of sloping ceilings. The separation between the main room and the group room is carried out through a wine rack display cabinet, which filters the light and reveals what is happening inside.

The restaurant also has a private VIP room in a neutral style with a double set of direct and indirect lights.

Lighting is one of the strong points in this project; it was designed to create intimacy and warmth, highlighting the different geometries of each space.

SMLXL-design signs the interiors of Korean  Mandu Restaurant.

Architecture Firm SMLXL Design
Lead Architects Xu Hua (interior designer), Luis M. García-Santillán Rubinstein (architect)
Area 311 sqm
Photos courtesy Marcos Rodríguez Rodríguez

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