Me & Joe Optical flagship store Thessaloniki.

Studio Urban Soul Project progetto per negozio di Ottica Me&Joe

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Me & Joe is the flagship store of the Me & Joe brand, which specializes in handmade optical frames.

Urban Soul Project designed the Me & Joe flagship store

Urban Soul Project designed Me & Joe optical store in Thessaloniki.

Situated in the center of the city, the space has an oblong floor plan, extending on two levels.

The main aim was to successfully utilize the layout of these levels, as well as the depth of the store, both challenges related to the marketability of the space.

The layout revolves around a central longitudinal axis of symmetry, with showcases at the walls of each side and horizontal isles of different dimensions, materials and shapes along its center.

Urban Soul Project designed the Me & Joe flagship store

The transition between the two levels is made through steps, extending from one side of the wall to the other. The existing column at the transition point was enclosed in a steel partition, which functions as an interim internal façade.

The entrance occupies most of the façade’s width, as the door itself constitutes a casement display window with suspended showcases. It remains open during working hours, with a second display window-door also available.

Urban Soul Project designed the Me & Joe flagship store

Design Urban Soul Project
Location Thessaloniki, Greece
Photos courtesy Kimberley Powell

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