Benamôr Shop Lisbon, Principe Real.

Benamôr Shop Lisbon designed by LADO Arquitectura e Design

A mysterious apothecary who created miraculous ointments in his laboratory founded the brand Benamôr in 1925 in Lisbon.

His handmade Beauty Recipes were based on unique perfumes and natural ingredients: lemon, rose, aloe Vera or almond oil. Packed in adorable Art Deco tubes, it was an instant hit, and all Lisbon Belles were addicts, including the last queen of Portugal, Amélie of Orléans herself.

Benamôr gave birth to some of Portugal’s cult cosmetic classics, such as Créme de Rosto, the miracle face cream –which rose extract gives woman an instant glow- and remains unchanged until now.

The brand has had a strong comeback in recent years, and today is one of Portugal’s most beloved beauty brands. Benamôr is currently present in 15 countries, in a premium distribution of more than 500 points of sale, including the US.

Benamôr Shop Lisbon designed by LADO Arquitectura e Design


This shop is located in Lisbon’s fashionable shopping area of Principe Real. Located in a early eighteenth century building, the store occupies an area of approximately 40 square meters.

The design concept balances 1920’s flavor with contemporary design, incorporating the Créme the Rosto original packaging color scheme: pale pink, black, white and some touches of gold.

In the center of the space there is an island with a sink where customers can wash their hands before trying on the products on display.

Benamôr Shop Lisbon designed by LADO Arquitectura e Design

The key materials used on the project are:

Floral black and white encaustic cement tiles on the floor.
Painted solid wood fixed furniture.
Natural black slate counter tops.
Brass lamps, door handles and tap.

Architects: LADO Arquitectura e Design
collaboration with BA.LA Atelier de Arquitectura
Photography: Francisco Nogueira Architectural Photography