Flagship for Weleda designed by Stories Designed For Consumers

Flagship for Weleda designed by Stories Designed For Consumers

Pioneer of beauty and natural & biological cosmetic care. Weleda aspires to have a sale point at the height of its growing popularity.

A notoriety objective that became possible thanks to the French Parisian retail consulting and design office STORIES DESIGNED FOR CONSUMERS.

Flagship for Weleda designed by Stories Designed For Consumers

The new concept?

The repositioning of the WELEDA’s current store into a new world of symbiosis, a concentration of natural feelings created for each consumer. This new Weleda space of 184 square meters, becomes a place of discovery, experimentation and sharing, mirroring the promise of the brand to reconcile body and spirit for a global wellbeing.

The design catchwords?

Purity, clarity, smoothness and naturalness.

The centrepiece of this concept? A spectacular structure of basketry, created by a Best worker in France, which is both a cocoon and a common thread between the three spaces – store, lounge and institute.

Flagship for Weleda designed by Stories Designed For Consumers

Each space has received a particular attention so that each can bring its own added value to the customer experience.

The marketability of the store has been developed around, on the one hand the emergence of the product advice and experimentation, and on the other hand by the merchandising of the offer adapted to the store size and to the target profile of the customers.

In the lounge, a new comfort was brought with more confidentiality thanks to the structure of basketry which creates a visual filter with the outside and the rest of the store. The space allows relaxing times with a tea room and library around the culture of organic cosmetics.

Furthermore, the institute guarantees a level of offer that focuses itself around the sense of touch with a precise work around the soundproofing and the lighting of the massage cabins.

The entire project was build in a durable dimension and with a know-how of manual transformation of natural products thanks to the collaboration with the Vannerie de Villaines.

The store has now everything to become the new destination close to the Champs- Elysées, brought to democratize the access to naturally biological cosmetic cares.