Garde works on everything from concept planning to construction for the first store of fashion brand “The Me” of a new idea.

Lo Studio GARDE progetta il primo store per il marchio fashion THE ME

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“Matching individual’s needs rather than operating on the premise of mass production”

GARDE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters Minato-ku, Tokyo; President Guido Tarchi), a branding and design company with a high reputation for a wide variety of space designs in such sector as retail, hospitality, large-scale commercial facilities, residences, offices, etc., worked on concept planning, general design, structural design, and construction for the first store of “The Me” recently opened.

The Me was born with the aim to solve the inventory issue and to change consumers’ behavior in the apparel industry and is based on the concept of “matching individual’s needs rather than operating on the premise of mass production”.

It creates only what you need as much as you need, by getting rid of the spiral of overproduction/mass disposal. While being simple, The Me has created a style never seen before.

GARDE designed the first store of fashion brand THE ME

At The Me, the clothing sizes are given in a fine and broad range, and each customer is provided with the best comfort and silhouette by individually tuning each piece of clothing according to the customers’ taste. While selecting high-quality materials, The Me has created a new production system to match the individual, and is picky about manufacturing which breaks the conventional concept.

Service Contents

The shop’s staff responsible for the personal service of online reservations acts as a “Navigator” and supports each customer’s “tuning” (size/figure correction) from choosing clothes to size adjustment. In the store, you can choose clothes on your own time/space for up to 90 minutes, receive non-contact measurements by 3D Body Scanner, try on size samples based on the measurement data, and receive styling and tuning according to your taste.

GARDE designed the first store of fashion brand THE ME

Design concept

Where I come to clear the FOG – This space expresses the desire to clear up the ‘fog’ which is used to represent the trouble that everyone experiences when choosing clothes that suit their body. Navy and silver, the brand colors of The Me, are used as key colors to create a stylish finish. At the same time, warm materials and colors are also used so that you can relax and choose clothes. As a dual concept store, THE ME is also a genderless space that is comfortable for everyone.


The showroom where products are first selected is made as a bright and stylish space. The wall surface is painted to give you the warmth of handwork. Silver, which tends to give a sharp impression, is textured with a brush, and by applying curves, resembling a body line creates a soft nuance. The wood materials which give you a warm impression are incorporated into the original fixtures.

GARDE designed the first store of fashion brand THE ME


After choosing clothes, the unique idea of the design concept was expressed through the corridor leading to the counseling rooms. The corridor was created with a plaster gradation that was imagined by the designer to represent a fog in one’s head.

GARDE designed the first store of fashion brand THE ME

Counseling room

Qui, il “Navigatore” coordina ed offre il più completo supporto al cliente, in base ai dati dei quali è in possesso, dalle misurazioni tramite lo scanner 3D alla messa a punto dello styling. Questo ambiente risulta alquanto rasserenante e distensivo, grazie alla competenza dello Studio Garde che ha saputo includere una tecnologia all’avanguardia, fatta dei più moderni dispositivi digitali, in un contesto confortevole, fatto anche da una luminosa pavimentazione in legno, capace di far emergere una nuovissima forma di shopping experience, pulita, semplice, ordinata e veloce.

Location iori Omotesando 2F, 6 Chome-31-11 Jingumae, Shibuya ku, Tokyo
Interior Design GARDE Co., Ltd.
Total floor area 248.19 sqm
Photos courtesy Hiroki Terabayashi


GARDE, as a branding design Company, designs spaces in various fields such as retail, offices, residence, hospitalities, F&B and large commercial facilities. Utilizing a global network, a deep design insight into diverse societies and cultures and a talented design team embody the client’s vision. This is achieved through the three pillars of consulting, design and coordination to create a space that combines outstanding design and functionality. With offices in Tokyo, Osaka, and Milan, Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, New York, Los Angeles and around the world. As a new addition, a base will be established in Dubai soon.


Design Department, Designer Minami Kohmura joined GARDE after studying the interior architecture in US and acquiring BFA. Since 2017, she has been involved in local architect for imported brands such as Pomellato, Stella McCartney, Giuseppe Zanotti and Aesop. Since 2019, she has also been involved in concept planning, general design and structural design for THE ME’s prototype store, and engages in the development of the Jingumae store opened in 2020.

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