HI-MACS® embraces the Terrazzo trend with two new colours

HI-MACS® embraces the Terrazzo trend with two new colours

📅22 Dicembre 2020, 10:16

When it comes to surface design trends, there’s one look that’s had a huge impact on both residential and commercial interiors alike. This is Terrazzo, the immensely popular floor and wall treatment that has taken the design industry by storm. But it’s not just floor surfaces that have taken this style to heart. From tabletops and bathroom basins to phone cases and stationery, the Terrazzo trend is everywhere and it’s a look with longevity, as our love for this random pattern mix, is here to stay.

Which is why HI-MACS® is delighted to announce the launch of two stunning new colours in a new Terrazzo finish, Terrazzo Classico and Terrazzo Grigio.

Taking the trend and developing it for application in any interior, HI-MACS® Terrazzo can be used for residential, commercial and public projects of any size or style, and it’s especially appropriate in high traffic areas such as restaurants, shops and bars.

HI-MACS® embraces the Terrazzo trend with two new colours

The origins of Terrazzo, as we know it today, reach back to 18th Century Venetian pavements and flooring but it wasn’t until the 1920s that the look really took off. The graphic design, renowned for its speckled, dotted, asymmetrical, imperfect random pattern contrast has evolved over the years to become the abstract illustrative print we know and love today.

Terrazzo  goes  with  just  about  anything and the new HI-MACS® Terrazzo colours demonstrate this beautifully with the neutral tones of Terrazzo Classico and the industrial feel of Terrazzo Grigio.

HI-MACS® is the perfect choice for any interior application. Be it wall-coverings, bars, countertops, serving stations or table tops in commercial projects, or shower areas, bathroom basins, kitchen countertops or island units in residential environments. Made from a mix of minerals, pure acrylic and natural pigments, this solid surface material is hardwearing, resilient, seamless, hygienic and stain resistant and it can be thermoformed into curves, ideal for seamless wet room applications, kitchen islands and professional projects.

Numerous international certificates award HI-MACS® top marks for its hygienic performance, high indoor air quality and the fact that it is emission-free and nanoparticles- free. Resistant to dirt, bacteria and harsh chemicals,  this smooth,  non-porous material leaves nowhere for germs to hide, offering peace of mind for healthy homes and public spaces.

HI-MACS® embraces the Terrazzo trend with two new colours

HI-MACS® Terrazzo in Classico and Grigio expands the hugely successful HI-MACS® solid surface portfolio to embrace this popular design trend, enabling homeowners, designers, architects, builders and specifiers to bring this latest look to surfaces and wall treatments. Combining aesthetic appeal with hygienic, hardwearing qualities, HI-MACS® Terrazzo is the ultimate choice for any interior.

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