Shanghai Multifaceted Furnishing System

Shanghai nuovo sistema modulare per negozi

The simple system to create elegant and light environments, quite bespoke and refined. Shanghai designs the contemporaneity of essential solutions.

Shanghai is the new modular system, 100% Italian production by Eurocompany Srl, a Company with a knowledged experience in the furnishing sector for commercial areas. Completely customizable for sizes and colors, the distinctive features that characterize the Shanghai System.

SHANGHAI Multifaceted Furnishing System

Innovative and apparently easy solution it is elaborated for its technology as it is ideal for the interior design of commercial environments. In fact it, the Company is constantly involved to search for innovative ideas that go beyond the concept of traditional lines.

Unlimited modularity

Different heights and a wide range of depths are suitable to create new furnishing elements. And Shanghai goes beyond imagination!

SHANGHAI Multifaceted Furnishing System

It revolutionizes the layout of the store

Shanghai can be equipped with rotating wheels, conceived to easily change the configuration of the store, or to set up the shelves and then place them in the display areas.

The color of the metal simulate the decorations of the wood

Shanghai can be customized by combining metal painting with wood decorations.

Simply original

Original solutions characterized by a combination of linear shapes.

SHANGHAI Multifaceted Furnishing System

Shanghai is designed and manufactured in Italy by Eurocompany srl

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