YOKO inlaid surfaces design by Leonardo Sonnoli

Superfici intarsiate YOKO design Leonardo Sonnoli

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The graphic language that Leonardo Sonnoli harnesses to express De Castelli’s know how plays with a range of inlaid surfaces, where the precise angle of the ornamental inlays alludes to an aesthetic code of enigmatic symbolism.

Yoko is a system of DeLabré natural black iron sheet metal modules with inserts in brass or brushed copper, which lends itself to random design as a method for creating unique and original compositions.

YOKO inlaid surfaces design by Leonardo Sonnoli

Yoko combines graphic design and craftsmanship in a visual result of great elegance inspired by modern and contemporary art.

Yoko is available in DeLabré natural black iron sheet modules with brass or brushed copper inlays. Available in 4 models which can be combined to provide maximum freedom of composition.
Sizes 30×30 cm – Thickness 4 mm

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