Doisarquitectos designed the Mg Sport clothing store in Aveiro, Portugal

MG Sport ha incaricato lo Studio di Architettura Doisarquitectos per la progettazione di un ambiente che rispecchiasse l’animo ed il gusto del brand

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MG Sport is a very successful designer clothing store located in Aveiro, Portugal.

It has been around for several years now, therefore its online presence, attention to detail and personalized customer service are, without a doubt, some of its many assets, and so is the undeniable quality of the brands it represents. .

Through the course of these years, the brand/company has always strived for excellence when it comes to the image it portrays and has shown great care and concern with their clients, ensuring their comfort while providing an enjoyable shopping experience. In accordance with their past approach, MG Sport has once again restructured their physical store, despite all the contingencies imposed by COVID-19.

Doisarquitectos designed the Mg Sport clothing store in Aveiro

It was with great excitement that Doisarquitectos Atelier received the invite to design the MG Sport Store. The main concern was therefore to design a space that would perfectly represent all the work and care that MG Sport has put into the development of their brand.

Much like in fashion, it was only logical that the new space would keep up with current trends, while maintaining the glamour and elegance that has always been their signature style.

The exchange between the brand owners and the architectural office was incredibly harmonious, making the definite concept for the store a result of several meetings and exchange of ideas, reinforcing the relation between architect and client as a valuable part of the process of Architecture.

Doisarquitectos designed the Mg Sport clothing store in Aveiro

In a space where designer brands are shown with such care, it was a sensible concern to have their products coexist with the architecture without one overshadowing the other. In this case, it was important that the pieces on display would be accentuated by the architecture itself, since they are the main characters of this space, so the visual interaction between the space and the user acted as the fundamental starting point for the concept as a whole.


The selection of the materials represented a special and peculiar challenge, since it was the main goal to design a space that respects the display of the clothing, like mentioned above. Having simple, clear and noble materials allow  to showcase the colourful clothes, while also maintaining a clean approach that reflects the comfort and contemporary vanguardism that speaks so much of the brand itself, to create a space that captures your eye and makes you feel welcome from the moment you walk in.
Lighting was also an important detail in designing this space. The idea was to create an immersion and fusion between the client and the products on display, guiding the user along and throughout the space, while highliting the products. 

The final result

When concept respects intention, everything works. MG Sport is a perfect example of this since it is now a space that asserts itself in this relation between the products and the architecture itself, since one cannot do without the other. As a result, people can now have an enhanced shopping experience at MG Sport, one that is current and dynamic, much like the brand and the architecture office  that it represents.

Doisarquitectos designed the Mg Sport clothing store in Aveiro

Visiting MG Sport is, therefore, more than just buying clothes… it is a glamorous lifestyle experience.

Mg Sport
Location Aveiro, Portugal
Area 170 sqm
Designers Doisarquitectos
Architect Cátia Alexandre
Project Team Raquel Figueiredo, Nuno Costa
Contractor Moodular
Photos courtesy Ivo Tavares Studio

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