Knauf K-Wireless: from today, plasterboard transmits energy

Knauf presenta K-Wireless

The first plasterboard wall with a ferromagnetic and an electronic component that allows you to create active surfaces with invisible power points.

Knauf, leader in building solutions and systems, announces the launch of K-Wireless, the first plasterboard panel in the world that allows a wall or ceiling to supply energy by proximity, with safely, intuitive and immediate effect.

The first plasterboard wall with a ferromagnetic and an electronic component

Knauf K-Wireless

Knauf K-Wireless is the result of the collaboration with LYM and is a totally new model of interaction with electricity that allows to overcome the problem of the distribution of light points and create invisible sockets on the wall or on the ceilings, in any space, civil or residential..

The surfaces of the rooms become active for the first time ever, and the various K-Wireless panels act as invisible power points that the user can use in complete freedom and safety, to move a light source where it is most needed or to recharge a smartphone without having to use cables or make electrical connections.

The first plasterboard wall with a ferromagnetic and an electronic component

The plasterboard panel evolves

Knauf K-Wireless uses an Italian technology and it combines a plasterboard panel, dimensions of 600×400 mm with a standard thickness of 12.5 mm, integrates with a ferromagnetic component and a very low voltage electronic component. These components allow the anchoring of magnetic media and the charging of devices that support wireless power technology. The plasterboard panel is available in two version, with one or two power points, and the dimensions in both cases are designed to fit in the standard’s Knauf systems.

The first plasterboard wall with a ferromagnetic and an electronic component

At the center of the plasterboard panel there is a small light indicator, this one is the power point to install lamps and other wireless accessories. Knauf K-Wireless is an absolutely safety system because the transfer of the wireless energy happens only when the device is positioned in correspondence to the indicator light, so that energy emission is limited to the device and the power points are at very low voltage (12 Volt instead of 220 Volt).

“K-Wireless is the perfect solution for each situations to give the space aesthetics and functionality in the same time.” – says Maurizio Stecca, Knauf Product Manager – “Installed next to the bed, it makes the reading light dynamic and recharging the smartphone, in the living room to create of new areas for home-working or for the study. In business spaces such as offices, shops or restaurants the possible applications are even more numerous. We like to say that K-Wireless changes the relationship between man and electricity.”

Versatility for home and business environment

There are many possible applications that make K-Wireless an extremely versatile system that can be used in many others spaces as well as in the rooms of the house. In the offices, for example, K-Wireless can illuminate workstations and reduce eye strain, in showrooms and shops, where it allows to give the right emphasis to products and to offer customers a better experience of purchase, or in the restaurants, where it allows to organize light points to give any time the right atmosphere.

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