Benetti Moss the zero-maintenance vertical garden for interiors

BENETTI MOSS il giardino verticale per interni a manutenzione zero

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The scenographic presence of ‘green’ in the interiors is not only motivated by an aesthetic factor linked to trends, but also by the positive effects of relaxation and well-being generated by the sight and contact with the ‘green’ element at home, in the office, in commercial spaces, in food and hospitality premises. This pleasure, which combines pleasantness and well-being, puts demands in terms of light, water and maintenance.

BENETTI HOME, a young and dynamic Italian Company, has developed a product with unique characteristics, both from a technical point of view and for the fantastic aesthetic impact, which effectively solves the critical issues that make the use of indoor ‘green’ uneasy.

BENETTI MOSS the zero-maintenance vertical garden for interiors

BENETTI MOSS is the name of the zero-maintenance vertical garden for interiors made with a 100% natural and stabilized lichen, easy to manage, starting from installation, which is very simple and can be foreseen in the project step or even later in already furnished and ‘lived in’ environments. Featuring highest versatility of application, the garden can be placed on the walls and even on the ceiling.

This product offers advantages from the point of view of cleaning, thanks to the absence of electrostatic charge that does not attract dust, ensuring stability and durability over time, as well as being unwelcome to insects. This panel features good sound-absorbing qualities and fire-retardant properties certified in class A by the rigorous American fireproof tests.

BENETTI MOSS the zero-maintenance vertical garden for interiors


Since the ‘moss’ idea was born about 15 years ago, it makes use of cladonia stellaris, a moss collected in the woods of Northern Europe, which is now widely used in interior design.

I call it a democratic product, says Stivens Benetti, owner of the company – because today the use of this material on various supports for the most varied applications is widespread all around the world.”

BENETTI HOME was born in 2016, but the company can boast thirty years of professional career of the owners in the field of interior design, as well as on a well-known brand on the marketplace. The company is a lean and dynamic business based in Novara, where marketing and commercial management are centralized. The Company mission is to design spaces with the magic that comes from ‘Italian design emotion’, according to the corporate pay off and meaning the creation of an Italian design space that generates unique emotions, with a multisensory approach involving both the user and the environment.

Our point of strength, explains Benetti, is our great design skill and a quick response approach in offering a timely and quality service, combined with a list of references difficult to mach, that allows us to count on customers like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Adidas, Yves Rocher. In Milan, just to name a few, we realized green walls for Mustela, in Verano Brianza for Media World. We are able to carry out extremely interesting projects not only in Italy, indeed mainly abroad and in particular in the United States, in collaboration with world renowned architectural studios such as Gensler or Perkins Will.

BENETTI MOSS the zero-maintenance vertical garden for interiors


Product customization is a key point. By choosing BENETTI MOSS vertical gardens, customers will rely on shapes and sizes capable to be adapted to any space requirement and designer’s vision, to create customized walls based on chromatic games as well as the combination of full and empty spaces, dimensions and volumes.

BENETTI MOSS allows to realize logos on neutral backgrounds, or vertical and horizontal stripes or decorative motifs in all shades of colours, as creativity is the only limit. On the basic colour (cream) of the lichen when it is collected, food and totally non-toxic dyes can be added, choosing from a range of 12 colours in the catalog, even if green in its various shades still remains the prevailing colour. Not surprisingly, as we know that human brain elaborates the green colour as something positive and perceives it as a natural antistress.

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