Daino Grigio: Ariostea presents a delightful new surface in the extensive Ultra Marmi range

Ariostea presenta una nuova affascinate superficie all’interno della vasta gamma ULTRA Marmi: Daino Grigio

This new Ariostea product for 2021 offers a take on a rare, precious marble, through the simplicity and compactness of stone; veins of different sizes and depths run across the surface, creating original material patterns and a dynamic effect that transmits character and a sense of solidity. Daino Grigio explores the various shades of grey, in a colour range that also includes dove grey and beige tones, for a superbly natural, elegant effect.

Produced in 5 different sizes and a 6 mm thickness, the new texture is available in the finishes Lucidato Shiny, for a mirror effect with a wealth of reflections, and Levigato Silk, for a more rigorous, smooth look. Two different visual and tactile perceptions enhance the surface, both in the traditional laying schemes and in application design.

ULTRA Marmi is one of the finest expressions of Ariostea porcelain stoneware, teaming appealing, sophisticated style with distinctive technical characteristics such as resistance, durability, hygiene and easy maintenance and cleaning. A versatile, creative, sustainable material that can be applied in a variety of ways, for a strong, prestigious identity.

Ariostea presents a delightful new surface in the extensive Ultra Marmi range: Daino Grigio

Daino Grigio is a modern architectural solution with a big personality, perfect for unique settings in which design and technology set the rules for contemporary living.


Size 300×150, 150×150, 150×75, 75×75, 75×37,5cm
Finishes Lucidato Shiny, Levigato Silk
Thickness 6 mm

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