DIOR Men boutique in Moscow

Project Dior Men boutique in Moscow by Denzo

The Dior boutique is located in a building that is part of the architectural complex Manor of the XVIII-early XX century, built by architect Vasily Karneev in 1874.

Project was implemented under the direction of Moscow management company Denzo.

It is noteworthy that earlier in this room there was a temporary women’s boutique Dior and the management company had the task to change the gender of the store, turning it into a male one. For this purpose, new decorative wall coverings, carpets, ceiling and new interior items were used. Image of a boutique with a total area of 150 sq. m. it is inspired by the Parisian Dior boutique on Avenue Montaigne.

At the entrance to the boutique, guests are greeted by the accessories area, where accessories from the new Dior men’s collection are presented: from the Saddle bag to suitcases from the Dior & Rimowa collaboration, designed by Kim Jones.

Project Dior Men boutique in Moscow by Denzo

To the right of the entrance is the Shoe zone, and to the left is the RTW zone. The fitting room, which has hand-made walls, is furnished with modern furniture: chairs by Gerd Couckhuyt and a table by Philippe Hurel. Honey-colored oak floors are covered with unexpectedly bright blue carpets designed by Peter Marino’s architectural Studio. The wall above the ticket office is decorated with a carved sculptural mirror from the Farfelus Farfadets gallery in Paris.

Project Dior Men boutique in Moscow by Denzo

The boutique is equipped with special motorized lighting controlled from smartphone. Feature of the construction stage this time was the circumstances caused by COVID-19.

Denzo company coordinated the work of all suppliers and contractors, taking into account the constantly changing environment and restrictions.

Project Dior Men boutique in Moscow by Denzo

Location: Russia, Moscow, Stoleshnikov lane, 9 str.1
Area: 150 sqm.


The management company “Denzo” was established in April 2019. Denzo provides boutique design and project management services for luxury Retail market participants. It is authorized and maintains partnerships with manufacturers of jewelry, luxury goods, accessories and clothing. Among them are Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Chanel and Christian Dior.

The company supports the principles of green (eco-friendly) construction, using BREEAM and LEED systems. Climate and lighting monitoring and management systems (BMS) are being implemented at almost all sites to reduce fixed costs, which ultimately reduces the payback period for investments.