Isoplam Microverlay – Continuous surface resin cement, 3 mm thick

Microverlay di Isoplam cemento creativo a bassissimo spessore

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An innovative cementitious and polymer-based system, specially formulated for continuous decorative smoothing, Isoplam Microverlay has excellent adhesion qualities, which allow it to be applied, by means of suitable primers, on various types of substrates and materials without the need to remove them (plasterboard, ceramic, marble, mosaic, tiles, sand-cement screed, concrete, wood, plastic, glass); in the coating of design objects (tables, chairs, furniture and other objects) and, thanks to its water repellency, in the coating of surfaces in contact with water (shower cubicles, sinks, worktops and kitchen tops, pool edges …).

Isoplam Microverlay continuous surface resin cement


The absence of gaps or joints makes Microverlay a continuous hygienic and extremely easy to clean surface, also compatible with floor or wall heating. This solution is ideal to be applied in all situations that require products with low environmental impact, as the various components are formulated on a water basis and are free from formaldehyde, therefore the product does not release substances that are dangerous for the health of people and the environment


Furthermore, the possibility of customizing this innovative material is incredible: it allows you to choose from an infinite range of colors, shades and effects (such as glossy, opaque and material, acidified and cloudy finishes), and to create vertical textures thanks to the special Isoplam decorative rollers and tools.

Isoplam Microverlay continuous surface resin cement



Finally, Microverlay has high resistance to wear and impact and this makes it the ideal solution not only for domestic environments, but for any indoor and outdoor environment, private and public such as flooring and cladding for showrooms, shops, public places, restaurants, pubs and hotels, sidewalks, poolside … Not only in minimal and modern environments. Microverlay fits perfectly with any architectural style: classic, country, rustic or industrial.


A pioneer in the field of cement-based continuous flooring and coatings, with 40 years of experience and an innovative approach, Isoplam designs and develops highly creative decorative surfaces. The company offers itself as a highly specialized partner for design professionals, guaranteeing the quality of both its products and their application.

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