GENTTIO Flagship store Beijing

I IN designed the Flagship store for Genttio

I IN designed the Flagship store for Genttio, a luxury tailor brand from China.

Inspired by the brand’s commitment to authentic materials is expressed by elegant marble and sophisticated wood details.

The brand identity of Japanese craftsmanship is modified by the fact that working with experienced Japanese tailor in the store. In order to emphasize that, the store is designed very neat and the display is neatly organized. Event hough the store size is very limited, their brand’s massage is interspersed at every single details.

I IN designed the Flagship store for Genttio

I IN thought that their sincerity is very important and expressing that massage to the customers by space design is our duty. When customer visits store they expect the hospitality service with precision as tailor measure their suits for custom made and some thought of tension atmosphere is necessary.

I IN expressed this feelings by repeating sets display on the wall with warm lighting and a series of pendant lights focus onto the center counter to match the neatly displayed suits. The combination between walnut wood and beige marble stone provides not only elegant but also luxury touch to the product. Also with warm light leads customers’s attention to every single details and emphasize the texture surface.

I IN designed the Flagship store for Genttio

The blue color in the space changes its expression in response to daily light, reminiscent to the refreshing Mediterranean Sea of ​​Napoli, Italy, which connects to the core of the brand.

In VIP roommate the back, the stone is used for creating the feeling as if you are in the cave. When the door close, the feeling of space becomes mored dense and exclusive.

I IN always use lighting as a material to make their design strong and elegant. Lighting gives different touch to materials by color and texture and leads people eyes on it.

By carefully combining various selected elements and lighting, the space becomes a high quality environment with sophisticated atmosphere for the customer.

The brand is strongly influenced Italian style suits and Japanese craftsmanship. All  fabrics were imported from Europe and manufactured in Japan. The chief designer, Hashikawa Tatsuyoshi who has fashion experience in fashion industry and craftsmanship in Japan. He combines this, European and Asian taste,  into one suit. The quality of their product is very high end and meets high standard customer’s needs.

I IN designed the Flagship store for Genttio

Designer:  I IN
Photos courtesy: Tomooki Kengaku
Area: 60 sqm

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