B&M Optikal new format

Il nuovo format per i negozi B&M Optikal realizzato dallo Studio Poiesis

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The choice of eyewear can perform both a vision correction  and the purely aesthetic taste of the user and his desire to improve his image at the same time.

Created by Studio Poiesis, it offers a spirited style, with the goal to invite customer for a unique experience, implementing purchase satisfaction.

B&M Optikal new format by Studio Poiesis

In undertaking the design of the new store, inside the “La Cartiera” shopping center in Pompei, near Naples, this aspect was very clear to the designers at the beginning, who believe that the eyewear sale is not that far from the design of architectural areas.

“We have modified the conformation of the previous environment as well as the display system, making the walls as active elements, which can lead to a space in which the test and the  sale process is more usable for the customer. In this way a special atmosphere was born, able to make the moment of trying on glasses more engaging ”, say the designers.

The main purpose of this project was to create a sense of unity within the store through the two central furnishing systems, acting exhibition space, containment and resting place for the customer, favor communication with the staff. Furthermore, the multiplicity of movable mirrors improves the sense of interactivity for the visitor.

B&M Optikal new format by Studio Poiesis

The choice of materials, the attention to detail and the lighting design respond to a unicuum project that is to make the visitor feel, while trying on the glasses, as in an art gallery.

The glasses in the shop window, of exaggerated sizes, intrigue and invite the customer to visit the store, while the lights are interconnected with the display and contribute to the construction of a strong visual character. .

B&M Optikal new format by Studio Poiesis

The red flooring system recalls the Company logo, while the black walls are intended to highlight the cuts of light. The white lacquered surfaces of the furnishing system, which envelop the entire exhibition space, have the function to emphasize the product, by creating reflections of light.

Design Studio Poiesis
Location “La Cartiera” Shopping Mall, Pompei, Naples

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