B+P Architects designed the interior design of Boutique Branà 1915

Progetto Boutique Branà 1915

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A commercial space that tries to open up to the city by becoming a square itself, an interior that becomes an ideal continuation of the urban space.

To define this new urban interior, B+P Architects started from the suggestion of Giorgio De Chirico‘s “Italian Piazzas”, with the repeated arched wings that define and delimit the square.

boutique Branà 1915 interior design by B+P Architects

De Chirico believes that “the arched architectural structure is the metaphor of the eternal present, as an element that unites concreteness and abstraction, fullness and emptiness, interchange of interior and exterior, projection of light and shadow” (Baldacci 1997, p. 96).

boutique Branà 1915 interior design by B+P Architects

The arch structure becomes a founding element of the project; the central monolithic artefacts, like vestiges of a lost architecture, define the central space that develops around the cube in dialogue with the luminous sphere above. The side arcades accompany customers on an ideal walk through the imaginary square.

Dynamic wings create a flexible space giving the customer the possibility to enjoy environments not as a scenographic backdrop, but as the continuation of the city that creeps inside the buildings: a new shopping experience that wants to put the culture of experience the public space, once marked by the noises of work in the city, but which slowly moves to the deafening silence of sluice gates.

Whole the space is characterized by white color which, like a canvas, welcomes the clothing in their most sparkling scene. The only brushstrokes of color are represented by an Oikos Gold material surface that marks the inside of the central arches on the side walls. Instead, two different wallpaper graphics, ad hoc designed: one tell the depth of the arches and, the other a soft drapery, which makes the portals even more dynamic.

The furnishing system represents a metaphysical space, superbly revealed by the duo, cube and sphere, positioned in the center of the display system.

boutique Branà 1915 interior design by B+P Architects

The basement, which houses men’s fashion, is the protagonist of a less radical intervention than the ground floor, but which nonetheless renews its character. The large central pillar becomes the pivot around which the fashion carousel revolves, with satin-finish steel hangers.

The new design of the space includes a corner dedicated to the classic man, while the existing windows are rethought as large windows projecting towards a luxuriant tropical garden. The wide windows look at an ethereal view of nature, as leading protagonist that will replant our towns in the urban reafforestation.

boutique Branà 1915 interior design by B+P Architects

To close this long project, in synergy with Branà Family, lover and taste of beauty, B+P Architects have developed a bright and functional project suitable for the product, and focused on central islands, rails alongside the walls for the displaying system  thus avoiding diffused and flat lighting.

The lighting system designs brushstrokes of rational light and indirect light, which play together for a real coupe de théâtre, without which the architectural space would have an absolutely different perception.

boutique Branà 1915 interior design by B+P Architects

Concept, Architectural Project, Lighting Project and Works Management
B+P Architetti – Alessia Bettazzi and Pierluigi Percoco Architects
Location Altamura, Bari, Italy
Area 318 sqm
Photos courtesy Pierangelo Laterza

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