SCHIESSER Retail Concept…Naturally Alluring

Schiesser Retail Concept by Atelier 522

Always in keeping with the spirit of the times – and always with its renowned elegance – Schiesser has made history. And continues to do so. Pure and unadulterated. Since 1875.

The architects of atelier 522 adopted the traditional company philosophy and created a new concept of unconventional store.

Schiesser Retail Concept by Atelier 522

One that literally clings to its customers. Draped in numerous emotional highlights. The architects included attractive solutions in terms of retail design, product presentation and packaging. For an authentic and generation-spanning shopping experience.

Strategy follows brand identity

In summer 2011 the traditional company Schiesser launched a completely revamped brand identity. Perfectly woven, and all from a single source. In other words, from us. The designers ensured that more space is infused with this quality brand, thus promoting even greater awareness of Schiesser’s perfectly tailored approach. With this in mind, a bespoke brand strategy was created for the South German company, known for its fine ribbed cotton. And it was a perfect fit …

Schiesser Retail Concept by Atelier 522

A clear line for the classic

Wooden slats from an old paddock fence are now integrated into the flagship store in recycled form as a POS element. In Berlin. On the famous “Ku’damm” boulevard. What a statement! After got to grips with SCHIESSER’s entire lingerie line, it has been restructured. The result is a functional and aesthetic gender split. To add some contemporary “here and now”, screens have been installed on the sales floor showing appealing images of the traditional company.

Schiesser Retail Concept by Atelier 522

Retrospective visual merchandising

A clothesline installation that immediately evokes childhood memories of granny’s old sewing thread. And ensures the brand logo immediately sets the scene within the shop system. Surely more effective symbolism isn’t possible? Au contraire! The humble clothes peg has been awakened from its sleep and has been transformed into an additional emotional stylistic device. It can also be found in playful items in all stores. It can also be found in playful elements in all stores. A “sky” consisting of 36,240 wooden clothes pegs first directs your eye to the ceiling – then your feet into the store. Just like a red carpet. Only different.

Product design – In-Store & window display

Merchandising fixtures that not only skilfully showcase SCHIESSER products but also make an appearance as independent highlights – the product designs for the sell-in and window areas are wonderfully versatile. For example, depending on the season, the laundry trolley can serve as a bikini carrier or an excellent “wool cart”.

Schiesser Retail Concept by Atelier 522

In addition, a product stand that is reminiscent of an elegant aviary creates a romantic and playful contrast to an otherwise clear concept.