Storeage designs first brand store for B+Tube cosmetics in China

Storeage progetta il primo store del marchio B+Tube in Cina

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The Changsha store wants to set a  new standard in teenage cosmetics, focusing on AI driven digital interaction.

Storeage, the Shanghai based Dutch retail design agency, worked closely with the team from B+Tube cosmetics to create their first flagship store.

With its striking iridescent archways the store aims to connect to teenagers looking for a more expressive and colorful approach to cosmetics. And in line with the teens shopping behavior, the store introduces ample room to interact with social media to facilitate online to offline shopping.

Storeage designs first brand store for B+Tube cosmetics in China

B+Tube collection of beauty products ranges from skincare, make-up, travel and lifestyle products, all focused around the idea of freedom of expression. The brand wanted to introduce a new and young attitude to the cosmetic retail landscape, aimed at teenagers and asked Storeage to design a store concept that was fitting the brand and would integrate different ways of shopping.

Storeage choses iridescent perforated steel as the eye catching material throughout the space.

Applying the iridescent to a cathedral like structure in the centre of the space the agency organized the lay-out around 3 basic principles of cosmetics: cleansing, foundation and make-up. Each direction comes with an education center, with tutorials and videos, illustrating how to best apply the different products and in return allowing consumers to shop complementing ones from these videos for alternative expressions or better suited products for their skin.

Storeage designs first brand store for B+Tube cosmetics in China

With its double layer of perforations, walking inside of the cathedral, feels like being immersed in colorful water, another hint at the abundance of choice this brand has to offer.

As Lisa Yu, the founder and CEO of B+Tube puts it: “We want to encourage a younger Chinese generation to expression themselves in whatever  shape or color they prefer, yet never at the expense of a healthy skin.” Following this thinking the perimeter of the store is rather clean and laboratory like, using brushed metal and white Corian. It emphasizes the fact B+Tube will not carry any cosmetic or skincare brand  without  doing  its proper  research  on the effect of those products on the skin.

The store measures 218 sqm, and the center archway takes up roughly 33% of that. The perimeter of the store features a private, in person consultation room and a beauty bar, with the iridescent circles floating above it. Towards the front of the store the travel products are presented.

Storeage designs first brand store for B+Tube cosmetics in China

B+Tube Cosmetics
Location Changsha, China
Retail Design Storeage
Area 218 sqm
Photos courtesy Wen Studio


Storeage is a retail design agency with a diverse team of interior architects, product designers, graphic and UX designers with a joined mission to explore space. Brand space that in the end will result in mind space that in the end results in selling space. Storeage works with a select group of international and local clients such as Nike, Adidas, Converse, LiNing, Asics, Levi’s, Johnnie Walker, Coca-Cola, T-Mobile,, The agencies current work is strongly focused on the integrated design of physical and digital space.

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