BIOEFFECT Flagship Store Reykjavík, Iceland

Lo studio Basalt Architects firma il concept store del brand Bioeffect

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Basalt Architects designed the Bioeffect Flagship Store.

“When we were approached by Bioeffect to design their flagship store in Reykjavík our initial reaction was to visit the ORF biotechnology greenhouse in Grindavík and their laboratories in order to better understand Bioeffect’s core values and production process. We learned about the brand’s identity and the process of growing and processing barley, the main active ingredient in Bioeffect products. We instantly realized that the new flagship store should reflect this unique process, using the barley plant as a design concept and the material and colour palettes found in the greenhouse and laboratories in order to provide a strong sense of identity for the store and the brand”.

Marcos Zotes architect and partner at Basalt Architects

Basalt Architects designed the Bioeffect Flagship Store


Initial design concept was to create a very light atmosphere, hanging display elements from the ceiling and playing with materiality, colour and translucency. Conceived as a reference to barley, the architects envisioned using green stretched threads as a representation of the spiky leaves of the plant covering different surfaces in the interior of the space such as furniture, walls, display cabinets and lighting features. Working in close collaboration with Bioeffect, the design concept has been developed experimenting with multiple thread densities, materials and colours.


The interior design and arrangement of the store responds to the triangular shape of the space. The flow of guests is organized around a central element that combines product display, information, product testing, seating and storage space. A large, triangle-shaped luminaire doubles as a floral crown where plants hang above the space contributing to the overall sense of wellness.

Display cabinets are placed in all window bays, hanging from the ceiling and leaving the floor intact to provide a sense of lightness and continuity between interior and exterior. The lighting design concept was done in collaboration with lighting design company Liska, where lighting features are carefully integrated in all display elements providing uniform lighting without producing unwanted shadows.

Basalt Architects designed the Bioeffect Flagship Store


The use of translucent polycarbonate material, stretched green threads, white steel profiling, integrated lighting and barley and other plants in the interior design is a reference to the ORF biotechnology greenhouse and Bioeffect laboratory. By creating a direct link between the brand’s identity and the physical space of the store,  aiming at creating a holistic identity for the company.


Before starting the design process is very important to gain a deep understanding of the corporate identity and branding values. This gives the opportunity to treat any given physical space as a branding experience where people feel emotionally connected with the brand, integrating its key values and driving loyalty. It’s much more than just placing a logo or a sign, all elements must work together to form an on-brand, engaging and sensory experience.

In the design of Bioeffect flagship store, has been carefully considered how the brand could be communicated in the interiors through the layout, customer experience, product display, finishing materials, colour, and lighting design in order to achieve the final link in the identity chain. These design choices will ultimately impact the impression on customers and staff and send a strong message about who Bioeffect is as a company.

Basalt Architects designed the Bioeffect Flagship Store

Interior Design Basalt Architects
Lighting Design Liska
Area 60 sqm
Photos courtesy Gunnar Sverrirsson

Basalt Architects

Basalt Architects is an architectural office established in 2009 in Reykjavik, Iceland, led by partners Sigríður Sigþórsdóttir (founder), Hrólfur Karl Cela and Marcos Zotes.

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